Sunday, March 11, 2012

New things.

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The new domain is

Alright, so the decision has been made on how to structure things moving forward, and that includes a new domain, so please follow the redirect link to our new site.

We will continue to host WOW!scans stuff, let us know if links go dead (on the new site, not here).

Four projects are a go at the moment. We would like to pick up one more motivated editor (cleaner/typesetter).

New name, some new(old) staff, some old projects. Keeping things smaller this time around.

Definitely feel free to get in contact with us. Probably going to avoid the whole IRC thing because it ends up feeling like a chore, but I do like the staff blogs thing, I like being connected with the consumers we're serving; possibly I'll try and come up with more ways of getting in touch than just email and blog comments, I dunno. Keep an eye on my blog and/or the new site for that as it unfolds.

I dunno, I said some more personal/specific things on my personal blog, I'll probably continue the additional transparency and un-official discussion over there, as I've resolved to post more anyway. Keep an eye on it if that's something you care about.


Watch for major changes to the site (I think it's productive to keep the same URL for a new team, since we'll keep the WOW! stuff hosted on a tab or something). Same Yamada, somewhat new team, several of the old WOW! projects getting picked back up, very soon. Also, looking for one experienced editor who's confident enough to do the decensors on Anal Angel.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where things are going from here.

Keep an eye on things here. We'll share details with you when other groups pick up the series we unfortunately left dead in the water. There's also a handful of scripts that we have sitting around that need typesetting, so we'll share those here in whatever form seems appropriate (hopefully we'll get them typeset for a last couple releases, but who the hell knows). I'll be doing something as well, I'm not entirely sure what, but the main reason I'm going on haitus is because I can't handle dealing with all the bullshit of running a group anymore right now, so either I'll be packing up a few series and joining up with another group so that they can handle the stressful end, or I'll learn photoshop and fly solo, not really sure which. Whatever happens, you'll find out here. Lastly, any groups interested in picking up something we were working with should request raws from

NJManga has been aggressively soliciting some of the series we were working with, and it looks like so far he's gotten Prunus Girl and several of the Waai series picked up already. NEEDLESS is already picked back up by the guy who was doing it via Pewpew, I think as a solo venture using js06's scripts.