Thursday, June 16, 2011

WOW!, Now Everybody Should be Happy!

Well, everyone except the Mei no Naisho fans, but that's next on the agenda anyway. We've got two v2's and 3 releases today. The Past Future joint is out (meaning yes, SazaCherry is coming soon as well), the sequel to Me and Kawase is out, and chapter 5 of Anal Angel is out. OtoBoku 15 got some fixes for text being mispositioned, and Kaichu! ch 8 got a v2 for a missing page (a chapter starter page - the public raws we're working with until we hit volume three are scanned two pages to an image and got split up improperly by chapter in places).

Past Future chapter 4 DDL:

Me, Kawase, and the 'Feminine Me' DDL:

Anal Angel chapter 5 DDL:

OtoBoku chapter 15v2 DDL:

Kaichu! chapter 8v2 DDL:

I mentioned Mei, Reversible! is next up in my translation queue after that, for anyone waiting for that release.

Last but not least, the last chapter of Yubisaki Milk Tea is out:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WOW!, That Was Random!

I've got a random picture (yeah, I'm excited for Natsume season 3, what of it?) to accompany a really random assortment of stuff for you. I've got some Yubisaki updates for you (someone reminded me, I had forgotten to get the updates for a while), and some of the extra stuff from both Waai and OtoNyan.

New Yubisaki Milk Tea chapters:
Chapter 74:
Chapter 75:
Chapter 76:
Chapter 77:
Chapter 78:
Chapter 79:
Chapter 80:
Chapter 81:
Chapter 82:
(If you need the earlier chapters, just use the Yubisaki tag at the bottom of the post, they'll pop right up)

Waai Extras:
Part one:
Part two:

Oto Nyan Volume three audio disc rip:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

WOW!, All the People Who Had Doubts About Us Being Back Sure Feel Dumb!

I think I'll do this post in an order based on which stuff I think people were anticipating the most.  4 releases and a v2 of that Sensei no Boku chapter tonight.

First, Prunus Girl.  Since this one was delayed a bit due to my whole travelling thing, the next chapter is only a couple weeks away.  This chapter brings an end to the Shion/Kana arc, and I think the conclusion was really well done.  Maybe seeing the way things wrap up will convince people to whine a little less about their story taking up time in the chapters.
Prunus Girl ch 24 DDL

Next, we have the next installment of Kaichu!, in which the battle between Sanno and Kadokawa kicks off!
Kaichu! ch 9 DDL

Following up, we have chapter 6 of Maid in Japan, which is just as off-the-wall ecchi as the previous chapters.
Maid in Japan ch 6 DDL

Finally, we have another release from the first Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru series, chapter 15.  I'm really thinking we're going to do something along the lines of a joint project to help that group that does the second series stop putting out stuff that looks like absolute trash.
OtoBoku ch 15 DDL

And then, wrapping things up, we have the Sensei no Boku chapter one version 2.  This fix is pretty minor, that missing bubble was due to the fact that someone took three bubbles worth of information and put them into two bubbles (they did the same thing elsewhere, but we caught it).  The version 2 release will look prettier in that one spot, but there isn't anything changed in terms of dialogue or story.
Sensei no Boku ch 1v2

Friday, June 10, 2011

WOW!, Springing Back to Life with a Ton of Releases!

As the post title implies, we have a bevy (five) releases for you tonight, we've got three more on the way. Everyone who posted encouraging stuff while we were on a somewhat forced haitus, thanks a bunch. Everyone who posted rude stuff, fuck off, we don't owe you shit and you should get over yourselves.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. First up is two chapters of something from OtoNyan that's been sort of on the back burner for a while, Sensei no Boku. Femdom, teacherxstudent, sukumizu+ZR, all kinds of interests and fetishes are addressed by this one.
Sensei no Boku chapter one:
Sensei no Boku chapter two:

Next up, the next installment of the original OtoBoku series. Someone remind me in like a month and a half to buy raws for the group doing the second series, the shit they're doing raw-wise is fucking atrocious.
OtoBoku chapter fourteen:

Finally, NEEDLESS chapter 34 and 91. This was the stuff that frustrated me the most that it didn't get done, since me being busy should have very little to do with this series getting cleaned and typeset. Oh well, it's out now, so just enjoy the releases. Also, chapter 34 is where one of the gags I really like comes in, Disk printing out data.
NEEDLESS chapter 34:
NEEDLESS chapter 91: