Alright, since we're getting the same questions on a nearly weekly basis, this seemed like a decent idea.

"Can you guys pick up xxxxx series?"
The answer is usually no.  We've got a lot on our plate already.  It doesn't hurt to ask though, since we do like having ideas for the future.

"Where do you get your raws?"
It's a three way split between public raws (we only use them rarely), our raw provider NJManga, and spending money out of my own wallet.  If you like our image quality, make sure to hit the donation button sometime so we can afford to keep it up.

"Why don't you make all the raws public as soon as you scan them?"
Because I hate the drama that plagues the fansubbing and scanlation scene all too often, and since we're paying for raws or having them bought specifically for us to work on I'm not willing to open things up to the possibility of someone competing with us using our raws.  Raws from Change H series, Waai series, and Oto Nyan series that we're working on all go public after we release the scanlated version of those chapters.  Sorry if this inconveniences anyone, but it won't be changing.

"Are you recruiting for xxxx position?"
Unless xxxx is proofreader/QC, yes.  We're always looking for more cleaners and more translators.  We have someone who does a good job on QC for us, and adding more to that step would only slow down our release pace needlessly.

"Did my comment go through?  I'd better post it a few more times."
It doesn't really bug me when people post multiple copies of their comment, but I thought you guys might like to know that our comments have to be approved before they show up, for a variety of reasons, and that's why yours might not show up right away.  I get email notifications when comments show up, so they won't linger in limbo forever, so be a little patient.