Sunday, March 11, 2012


Watch for major changes to the site (I think it's productive to keep the same URL for a new team, since we'll keep the WOW! stuff hosted on a tab or something). Same Yamada, somewhat new team, several of the old WOW! projects getting picked back up, very soon. Also, looking for one experienced editor who's confident enough to do the decensors on Anal Angel.


  1. Yay!!!

    Eagerly waiting for WOW comeback.

  2. Can Naka clean AA, I can't typeset for shit though. Also I'm working like 60 hours a week so not the fastest. But I now have a dedicated photoshoooop machine with tablet now! ^.^

    1. You certainly can. Do you still have our vent info? If so, stop by sometime and we'll sort stuff out, if not, email the old WOW!scans one for now and we'll sort stuff out that way instead.

  3. ( TT TT) ...
    -holding the manga Docchi-