Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WOW!, It's a Joint!

First of our joint projects is out, it's Past Future chapter 2, one of the Waai manga.  This is one of our joints with Hachimitsu-scans:  Not terribly much to say about it, since I just got home and haven't had a ton of time to think about what to post about it.


A healthy new look

Hi everyone, my name is Kano and I just finished reformatting the site into something easier to navigate, and hopefully more visually appealing to the eyes. Not only do I visit sites for independent artists very often, but I also happen to enjoy anime once in a while so I readjusted the layout to something I always found 'easy', so you can remember where everything is all the time. I'm not completely finished-- I have a feeling one or two things here and there can be done to make this easier, but unfortunately Blogspot limits my design a bit, so please bear with me. As far as navigating to find posts and news, I have limited the front page to 3 of the latest articles, due to the loading time and inconvenient page length that the 'show all' option gave. Please remember that the archives are located to the right of the news column and the news archive is right underneath, it shouldn't be anything complicated. Finally, I gave the 'forum' button on the navigation bar its very own button because I felt it did not belong in the Contact section; and since Blogspot didn't offer any external redirection, I had to do it myself (not hard, but annoying). Other than this, I have left many 'features' and 'widgets' unchanged for anyone who felt they might be necessary, or just found them appealing. I do not personally frequent the releases WOW!Scans happens to release; however, I'm sure the staff here would appreciate any donations or visitors in the IRC channel, so please give them some encouragement, I know for a fact even one 'thank you' can go a long way.

I hope Yamada and Koizumi don't mind me posting this. ;;
Anyways, have a great day and I hope I'll be doing more designing and web-formatting for someone else in the near future.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WOW!, Where's Overdrive!?

Alright, since I'm behind, I figured you might want an updated idea of where we're at.

Overdrive 41: It's all my fault, but I'm behind on coursework as well, so it's not that I've forsaken you, I'm just fighting a cold or flu or something that's trying to happen, and real life kind of got in the way this weekend.

Past Future 2:  The first of our joints with Hachimitsu.  Handed all of our parts over already, look for something soon.

Reversible 2:  Cleans are ready, translator on that one's running a little behind the schedule he quoted me.  Should be soon, in any case.

Shiki:  Yeah, we're picking it up.  Hoping to find a dedicated translator to work on just this series, we'd like to fill in that 6-8 chapter hole in the translations as quick as we can.

Everything else is patiently waiting its turn in the queue.  If you have questions about when we'll do the next chapter of a particular series, you can always email me or post in the forums.

I'd like to get Overdrive out during the week if I can, but it's likely that class will be a factor that prevents it.  Either way, I have a five day weekend for Veterans' Day, so expect OD 41 and at least one other release to come between now and next week's classes starting on Tuesday.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

WOW!, Can You Believe it!? WOW!scans Strikes Again!!!

So, how many of you believed me when I said Mei no Naisho would get a release this soon?  This chapter was over the top to the point of absurdity, and I loved every minute of working on it!  I'll do the same thing as we did for Overdrive and host the previous' groups scanlations on the projects page, but it'll take me a day or two since we have some more pressing stuff at the moment (coordinating joint releases for Waai series, anyone?)  Anyway, Overdrive next, hopefully by the end of the weekend.

Mei no Naisho chapter 4:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WOW! It's a lot of stuff all at once!!

Alright, so as promised, there's a bunch of stuff coming out today.  Before I line them all up in a row for you, business first.  Depositfiles is shit, and their payout scheme is deceptive as hell.  Do me a favor and click on the ad on the side once in a while, and maybe we'll wind up just going with the adsense or occasional donation drive type stuff.  This part is important only if you care if you care about me staying in a good mood:  go ahead and ask when stuff will be out, or why there are delays.  Do not decide that since I said something would 'hopefully' have the script done at a certain point, you should just bitch and moan that the finished chapter isn't out yet.  If you want to know why it isn't here, when it will be here, whatever, just fucking ask, it's not that hard to be a little more polite about it.  If we have time, we work on stuff for you guys, if we don't, we don't.  The sort-of quad release tonight and the tentative two more releases by the end of the weekend should show that.  Don't forget that we have an IRC channel, a message board, and an email address, all of which are better places for questions and snarky comments anyway.

Anyway, all that out of the way, first up is Kaichu!  Chapter 3 release, and chapter 2 v2 release.  The fixes on chapter 2 aren't really of plot significance, so if you're a read-and-delete type of person, it isn't really worth the trouble, but if you keep scanlations around, definitely replace the old version.
Kaichu! Chapter 3:
Kaichu! Chapter 2 v2:

Also, I promised Oto Nyan stuff soon (WOW! that's a lot of paragraphs opening with 'a' words, completely unintentional, I swear).  We've got the two one shots up first...  The color 4-pager (Boku mo Kitto) is ridiculously cute, although very light on plot, and the other one's 6 pages (Cosmos), similarly cute, similar theme, but definitely read the translator's note at the end about the significance of the 'cosmos' flower:
Oto Nyan one-shots:

I suppose it bears mentioning that Prunus Girl 18 is now in the Mediafire archive under the 'projects' page.

WOW!, I Forgot to Even Title this Post for a While...

So...  You may be interested to know that soba-scans took 'Secret Devil Chan,' a Waai series, off of our hands.  Apparently some of my issue with it may have been that they were using some Chinese readings of the kanji or something...  Anyway, we raw provided the first three chapters over there, so go check it out, it's pretty funny stuff:

Kaichu! chapter 3 is in typesetting, likewise with chapter 2 version 2, and a short color chapter from Oto Nyan.  I'm going to bang out another short Oto Nyan thing, then hopefully our first Mei no Naisho chapter.  Probably time to do some Overdrive again as well, so hopefully we'll crank through all of that by the time Sunday rolls around again.  (Also, if you know an *experienced* translator who's interested in hooking up with a group, send them this way.  I'm not going to do more general recruiting for it, since I want to find someone reliable - translation checking takes just about as long as doing it myself in the first place, so there's no point to recruiting if that's going to be necessary)