Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WOW! It's a lot of stuff all at once!!

Alright, so as promised, there's a bunch of stuff coming out today.  Before I line them all up in a row for you, business first.  Depositfiles is shit, and their payout scheme is deceptive as hell.  Do me a favor and click on the ad on the side once in a while, and maybe we'll wind up just going with the adsense or occasional donation drive type stuff.  This part is important only if you care if you care about me staying in a good mood:  go ahead and ask when stuff will be out, or why there are delays.  Do not decide that since I said something would 'hopefully' have the script done at a certain point, you should just bitch and moan that the finished chapter isn't out yet.  If you want to know why it isn't here, when it will be here, whatever, just fucking ask, it's not that hard to be a little more polite about it.  If we have time, we work on stuff for you guys, if we don't, we don't.  The sort-of quad release tonight and the tentative two more releases by the end of the weekend should show that.  Don't forget that we have an IRC channel, a message board, and an email address, all of which are better places for questions and snarky comments anyway.

Anyway, all that out of the way, first up is Kaichu!  Chapter 3 release, and chapter 2 v2 release.  The fixes on chapter 2 aren't really of plot significance, so if you're a read-and-delete type of person, it isn't really worth the trouble, but if you keep scanlations around, definitely replace the old version.
Kaichu! Chapter 3:
Kaichu! Chapter 2 v2:

Also, I promised Oto Nyan stuff soon (WOW! that's a lot of paragraphs opening with 'a' words, completely unintentional, I swear).  We've got the two one shots up first...  The color 4-pager (Boku mo Kitto) is ridiculously cute, although very light on plot, and the other one's 6 pages (Cosmos), similarly cute, similar theme, but definitely read the translator's note at the end about the significance of the 'cosmos' flower:
Oto Nyan one-shots:

I suppose it bears mentioning that Prunus Girl 18 is now in the Mediafire archive under the 'projects' page.


  1. Kaichu was great i loved that chapter so much drama and fun in that chapter. The oto Nyan small stories were interesting, i enjoyed the cosmos one it looked like that kid was struggling with what he was and what he wanted to be it showed in the art work. Thankyou wow scans for kaichu, chapter 3 and oto nyan releases

  2. Clicked on the ad five time (wow, one useful site appears), hope you in good mode now. :)

  3. Cosmos made me cry ;_;

  4. tyvm for the chapters, the oto nyan ones were pretty cute XD
    genre: genderbending ftw \o/

  5. Thanks for all your hard work. Sincerely.

    Hope this makes you feel appreciated for all your work. ( I speak from experience )

  6. Cosmos was sad the artwork carried the emotions in every panel, it looked as almost that kid didnt know what to do anymore like almost reaching his endpoint

  7. Thank you very much, looking forward to more Kaichu!

  8. Well, along with a bunch of people, I'm here to thank you for the realeases, but I was curious, do the other Oto Nyan stories possibly carry a romance plot by any chance (similar to Prunus Girl I guess). I hope so. But once again, thank you for the release (and coincedentally being my favorite scanlators~!) Good luck!

  9. Yeah, the rest of Oto*Nyan is much more standard trap fare: romantic comedy and fanservice type stuff. We're looking at picking up maybe two of the serialized comics from Oto*Nyan... We're working on getting a new part-time translator, so I can't promise much specific at this point in time, but we'd really like to get more of the Waai and Oto Nyan stuff out to you guys, and soon!

  10. Prunus Girl 18 isn't in the mediafire archive though.

  11. That's odd, I uploaded it right before I made that edit. Reuploading now, let me know if it misfires again (mediafire sometimes has issues).

  12. Just now started reading Kaichuu! - Really enjoying it so far.
    I love you, WOW!