Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A healthy new look

Hi everyone, my name is Kano and I just finished reformatting the site into something easier to navigate, and hopefully more visually appealing to the eyes. Not only do I visit sites for independent artists very often, but I also happen to enjoy anime once in a while so I readjusted the layout to something I always found 'easy', so you can remember where everything is all the time. I'm not completely finished-- I have a feeling one or two things here and there can be done to make this easier, but unfortunately Blogspot limits my design a bit, so please bear with me. As far as navigating to find posts and news, I have limited the front page to 3 of the latest articles, due to the loading time and inconvenient page length that the 'show all' option gave. Please remember that the archives are located to the right of the news column and the news archive is right underneath, it shouldn't be anything complicated. Finally, I gave the 'forum' button on the navigation bar its very own button because I felt it did not belong in the Contact section; and since Blogspot didn't offer any external redirection, I had to do it myself (not hard, but annoying). Other than this, I have left many 'features' and 'widgets' unchanged for anyone who felt they might be necessary, or just found them appealing. I do not personally frequent the releases WOW!Scans happens to release; however, I'm sure the staff here would appreciate any donations or visitors in the IRC channel, so please give them some encouragement, I know for a fact even one 'thank you' can go a long way.

I hope Yamada and Koizumi don't mind me posting this. ;;
Anyways, have a great day and I hope I'll be doing more designing and web-formatting for someone else in the near future.



  1. It's reallly neaaaaaaaat.
    Good job

  2. The orange text for the links is incredibly hard to read, therefore I can conclude that you hate old people, therefore you are a communist. GTFO commie.

  3. Who is the girl in the header? I've been wondering about her identity for a while.

  4. The site looks great KANO good job on the redesign

  5. The girl in our banner is our mascot, Haruka, from Amagami SS (the WOW! in WOW!scans is also derived from one of her cute engrish moments).

  6. Who wouldnt love Haruka, Wow go! go! go! lol