Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WOW!, Where's Overdrive!?

Alright, since I'm behind, I figured you might want an updated idea of where we're at.

Overdrive 41: It's all my fault, but I'm behind on coursework as well, so it's not that I've forsaken you, I'm just fighting a cold or flu or something that's trying to happen, and real life kind of got in the way this weekend.

Past Future 2:  The first of our joints with Hachimitsu.  Handed all of our parts over already, look for something soon.

Reversible 2:  Cleans are ready, translator on that one's running a little behind the schedule he quoted me.  Should be soon, in any case.

Shiki:  Yeah, we're picking it up.  Hoping to find a dedicated translator to work on just this series, we'd like to fill in that 6-8 chapter hole in the translations as quick as we can.

Everything else is patiently waiting its turn in the queue.  If you have questions about when we'll do the next chapter of a particular series, you can always email me or post in the forums.

I'd like to get Overdrive out during the week if I can, but it's likely that class will be a factor that prevents it.  Either way, I have a five day weekend for Veterans' Day, so expect OD 41 and at least one other release to come between now and next week's classes starting on Tuesday.


  1. This is like teasing me with a very tasty meal!

    You're so cruel Yamada...

  2. thankyou for updates looking forward to releases

  3. Wow the webpage got really bright all of a sudden I am actually speechless in how bright it is lol

  4. The homepage pops out now, wow i like it

  5. Nice look to the page, i like it

  6. love the new banner design!!!!!!! she is so cute

  7. Looking forward to Reversable and your other trap manga work; thank you.

  8. if i say i love you you will belive xD