Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WOW!, I Forgot to Even Title this Post for a While...

So...  You may be interested to know that soba-scans took 'Secret Devil Chan,' a Waai series, off of our hands.  Apparently some of my issue with it may have been that they were using some Chinese readings of the kanji or something...  Anyway, we raw provided the first three chapters over there, so go check it out, it's pretty funny stuff:

Kaichu! chapter 3 is in typesetting, likewise with chapter 2 version 2, and a short color chapter from Oto Nyan.  I'm going to bang out another short Oto Nyan thing, then hopefully our first Mei no Naisho chapter.  Probably time to do some Overdrive again as well, so hopefully we'll crank through all of that by the time Sunday rolls around again.  (Also, if you know an *experienced* translator who's interested in hooking up with a group, send them this way.  I'm not going to do more general recruiting for it, since I want to find someone reliable - translation checking takes just about as long as doing it myself in the first place, so there's no point to recruiting if that's going to be necessary)


  1. I love it the fight to save his virginity from being taken, great team up with soba scans

  2. Are wowscans and soba going to work on future chapter releases or other story releases together, devil chan was so funny

  3. Well, for the moment, we've scanned and raw provided the first three chapters for them, and as long as our raw provider keeps sending Waai our way every three months, I don't see why we wouldn't continue with that. We've got extra cleaning staff at the moment too, so if they need more help with the future stuff we're certainly ready and willing.