Saturday, October 30, 2010

WOW!, Yamada's Not at Home, so She Has No Spiffy Pictures~

Anyway, no pics, but I did get the Oto*Nyan disc ripped.  It's a sound-disc, looks like it's a sort of 'how to be a trap' kind of thing.  We won't be subbing it, at least any time soon, so anyone who is inclined can feel free without stepping on our toes.



  1. This was certainly not what I was expecting. It is hypnosis? At least track 2 is.

  2. I think it is some type of hypnosis in how the track plays, kind of creepy but an interesting rip to say the least

  3. 10 9 8 ... mabuta ga omoi
    >< trap hypnosis!
    that was close

  4. I would love a translation of these, even just a script or something. I want to know what they could be saying, especially in the hypnosis one!

  5. Doubtful that we'll do a translation anytime soon, since audio on it's own is a pain - there's lots of homophones in Japanese, and a lot of other context-based phraseology... Eventually we may muster up the courage to tackle this and the Prunus Girl drama CD, but for the moment it doesn't seem like it would be worth the amount of time it would take me to work through (I'd guess maybe a chapter or a chapter and a half worth of translating time for ten minutes of audio, at least).