Friday, October 8, 2010

WOW! Site Contruction!

Alright, as I'm sure you've noticed, we're tinkering with the layout.  Bear with it, I think it'll lead to a better site overall.  Newswise, I have a few things that are worth mentioning.

The first Hourou Musuko trailer is out:
I like the feel of it, but I do hope they ease up on the shininess of the hair a bit...

Curo-kun subs are out, I'd direct link to the torrent, but the way they put it on the tracker fucks that up, so either find it on (the search term 'maid' seems to work wonderfully) or go dig around on aarinfantasy's site:

Next up, the guy who did some kind of goofy stuff back when we first started with Prunus Girl has turned out to actually be a pretty decent bro, and he's starting his own scanlation group.  His first release is of a Waai comic called 'Past Future.'  Go check it out, make sure you grab it from his projects page though, he neglected to put a link on his release blog post anywhere:

Alright, last on the agenda: WOW!'s schedule and whatnot.  I'm still hoping we can work our way up to two releases per week, but I'm completely out of the picture from Tuesday to Thursday with how busy classes are.  All that really means is that we need to settle into a groove where I'm getting one script done Friday night and one done Monday night, which I think is doable.  The group that was doing Maid in Japan and then stopped for over four months just released chapter 3...  I think we'll go ahead on plan on still doing this series, what we'll probably do is release the newest chapter, regardless of who did the previous chapters - ie, if we did a chapter right now, it'd be the fourth one, if they then did the fifth, we'd skip to the sixth - they have 6 translators and we only have one, I'm not interested in an e-peen contest over the series, but I definitely want it to get completed for the sake of the fans.  I think we'll get something in the 'about us' page about our tentative schedule and such, and keep it updated, so that I don't have to clog the front page with these kinds of updates...


  1. The pastfuture story, wow I didnt know it was from Waai I thought it was pretty cool when I first saw it released on mangafox, wow that pretty interesting to know you guys are on good terms. We look forward to whatever updates you guys do, it is appreciated by all of us fans

  2. Hey Yamada, if you need help with the website let me know in irc. I do that sort of thing for a living and would gladly contribute since I cannot clean/edit/typeset/tl.

  3. I like that hourou musuko seems to be keeping the Water-colour design aspect to the anime. It will be nice to go back to the simpler time near the start o the manga compared to where it is now where puberty is making things more complicated and making me go "Aww... :(" a whole lot more.