Monday, January 31, 2011

WOW!, Traps, Doppelgangers, and Traps!

Alright, there's a lot going on tonight, so take it slow and let's just go step by step.
First we've got Hikarism ch 2, from the more recent Change H.  Honestly, this should have come out a while ago, but it got held up in cleaning due to the cleaner on this project having some real life stuff he had to prioritize, and then the same thing happened in typesetting.  Anyway, now that it's out, who cares about that anymore, go read it!
Hikarism ch 2 DDL

Next on the agenda is chapter two of Near Equal, one of our non-trap series.  I thought this was a pretty good chapter, and I hope you agree:
Near Equal ch 2 DDL

After that, we have the scans of the new Oto Nyan for you!  Like last time, we're making everything except the manga public right off the bat.  Of particular interest in the set we put up is that udk did an illustration for the gallery again this time.  Some comments about the manga however - it looks like this magazine is a little like Change H in that some ongoing series will take an issue off, since some that should have continuations aren't in this issue, also, Docchi is only four pages this month.  In any case, the content looks pretty good this time around (a little more to my taste, last issue had some stuff that was a little whorish for my liking, really).  It's a two part archive.
Oto Nyan Issue Two DDL pt 1
Oto Nyan Issue Two DDL pt 2

Last but not least, something we had no involvement in.  You may have noticed that we use Haruka from Amagami SS as our mascot, in fact the WOW! in WOW!scans is from one of her Engrish lines in the show.  Keeping that in mind, whether you're familiar with the show or not, you should go download this non-H doujin based on her and the MC just before they started really dating.  It's the first post, unless you run across this weeks from now or something:

One final little thing, for any trap loving Vocaloid fans, the Vocaloid Piko, made with samples from Piko, the guy who sings both male and female parts on NND came out a little while ago, and he's already got some songs out.  Youtube is full of trash, I don't think people are reuploading there yet, but if you have a NND account, his tag is: 歌手音ピコ

Friday, January 28, 2011

WOW!, Are You Excite!?

I know I am. After a month of hiatus, here's Prunus Girl 20! I know I had shit I wanted to say, but I forgot... Anyway, we're recruiting for cleaners again, and also for a translator for OverDrive as I realize more and more that I love reading that series but really dislike translating it. We won't drop it, but don't expect it to move very fast if I'm stuck being the one translating it.

Prunus Girl ch 20 DDL:

Edit: Kind of a v2 there, pg 12 and 13 got switched around. If you downloaded already, just rename those two pages so that they switch places.

Edit 2: Yamada is drunk so I fixed the link since he couldn't. -KPH

Monday, January 24, 2011

WOW!, More 4koma Joints in the Same Day!

Well, I had a feeling I might end up having to double post when these were ready, but I didn't want to hold up the Houkago Play release post on the 50-50 chance that these would be ready today.  Anyway, as a joint with 4-koma scans, we've got the first two chapters of volume 4 of Imouto wa Shishunki.
Imouto wa Shishunki vol 4 ch 1-2 DDL

In other news, OtoNyan and Change H should be coming soon, new Prunus Girl should come out soon, and we're going to have another new thing or two rolling in soon as well.

WOW!, It's Houkago Play!

Well, I told you it was coming soon, and here it is.  Houkago Play volume 2 chapter one.  This is chapter 17 of the series, so I'll mirror the first volume later tonight and edit it into the post, and it'll be on the projects page when Alice gets to it.  Project page for the other group:

Houkago Play ch 17 DDL

Vol 1 and Omake mirror upload

Saturday, January 22, 2011

WOW!, Dicks, Suppositories, and Joint Announcements!

Alright, so, first up, we've got more Anal Angel.  Again, the dialog in combination with the expressions is hilarious, and we decensored the delicious penises (not my opinion, they are delicious by canon within the story, so there) again.  There's also plot and character development this chapter, which is always both nice and a little strange in your porn.  An ongoing story was one of the reasons we picked this up though, so it's nice to see things progressing.
Anal Angel ch 2 DDL

The other release for tonight is a biggie.  It's our first solo volume completion (we've finished other stuff where other people left off, but this one's ours from start to finish)!  Mei no Naisho chapter 8 and the extras, available both on it's own and as a volume batch download!  This chapter's more on the comedy/fanservice side, it almost seems like it alternates the more plot/character development chapters with ones like this.  Still a lot of fun, and there were quite a few places I really enjoyed working with the dialog, since there were puns, a book being read aloud, and all kinds of stuff this time.
Mei no Naisho ch 8 + vol 2 Extras DDL
Mei no Naisho vol 2 Batch DDL

Alright, since some of the new joint work is starting to make progress, I feel a little more comfortable throwing out series names and stuff since it's less likely to die before release.  First up is Houkago Play, I'm helping out an alliance of anons with some translations on the second volume...  I sent off the script for the first chapter this morning, but since I haven't worked with them before I have no clue what that means for a release ETA.  I'm also doing some work with a group called 4-Koma Scans on a series called Imouto wa Shishunki.  This one really reminds me of Seitokai Yakuindomo in a lot of ways.  The translations for some of the earlier chapters are kind of spotty, but I don't think it's really worth going back and redoing, at least not right now.  Expect mirrors of the earlier parts of these and spots on the projects page along with the first releases.

Just as a matter of keeping you all in the loop, too, we'll have new Prunus Girl around the end of the month, provided it actually runs in the magazine this month.

Friday, January 21, 2011

WOW!, Amazume & Color Pages!

Alright, one more one shot from the Change H stuff we got in a while back before the new issue comes out.  This is from Amazume of Nana to Kaoru and Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy fame, and it's got the lead color pages from Change H Purple.  This was a back burner project for a long time, but now it's ready, and I know you'll enjoy it!
Kawase, Me, and 'That Thing' One Summer DDL

Some stuff is in the works, more Anal Angel and Mei for starters, but that surprise and GayRobot stepping down have still got the image editing side of our process a bit bottlenecked, so be patient.  We've also got a few more joint projects coming through, so keep an eye out for those too.  Another exciting project coming up is completing the OtoBoku manga (the first series), since the new anime being announced kind of rekindled the fanbase's interest and reminded everyone that the scanlations never ended up getting finished.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WOW!, Does This Count as Gender Bender?!?

Well, we've been thinking about the release schedule for this one, since it's a 4kmoa...  After batting around the idea of daily releases of a page (two 4koma strips) at a time for a while, I kind of realized that we don't want to lock ourselves into a release schedule that makes it easy to let you guys down if something comes up on our end, so we're going to just go ahead and do typical chapter at a time releases with this one.  Anyway, now that I bored the shit out of you - This is the first chapter of a series called Near Equal.  Like I said, it's a 4koma (although it starts off with a more traditionally formatted intro piece).  It's an interesting premise, pretty funny, and like I said, I'm not sure how to categorize it~

This is the first chapter that Holic's worked with us on, and he's a pretty cool guy.   If you like Vocaloid, swing through his blog, since I've been doing a pretty bad job of uploading stuff for that fandom here.

Also, it bears mention that not only has Haruka been serving XDCC in the IRC for a while, but she just upgraded and is pretty speedy now.

Also, there's been two requests that we make it more clear which releases are hentai.  My response: read the descriptions in the release posts, and check the tags.  It isn't rocket science.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

WOW!, Sexy Teacher-Student Relations~

So here's one of the last remaining pieces of Oto Nyan, the first chapter of a series called "Sensei Anone." Not much to say on this one, other than that there's some nice color pages to start with...
Sensei Anone ch 1 DDL:

Friday, January 14, 2011

WOW!, More Mei!

First up tonight, more Mei no Naisho!  I told you I've been falling in love with this series...  this chapter is just like chapter 5, a really well timed transition from fanservice comedy to a little development and drama and right back again.  Next chapter is the last one in volume two, so you'll get the extra pages and a batch download next time (our first solo volume conclusion, kind of exciting).
Mei no Naisho ch 7 DDL

Alright, there's also some Change H updates...  no translations, but a few raws and stuff.  Change H Green and Purple volume releases, cleaned up by a kind reader of ours, and albedo has uploaded two more raw chapters from Change H Yellow.  Rather than a mess of links, I'll just relink the whole share folder and let you poke around (the new chapters from Yellow are Friends and Ladies Maid).  Whoever asked for raws for Balance Policy and Transfer Students, I've got to dig them out of their respective folders, remind me if it doesn't happen within the next week or so.
Change H Archive Folder

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WOW!, Training and Lots of Abgrund!

Alright, first up tonight, we've got Kaichu! chapter 6. Mei no Naisho 7 is still in typesetting, typesetting's bottlenecking a bit due to a fantastic surprise we have in the works for you guys. It's worth it, trust me.
Kaichu! ch 6 DDL

So... Taru Yume... Here's the basic gist of things:
I have scans of 1, 3, and 5. I just bought and scanned the first one myself, 3 and 5 were floating around the net. I'm only going to translate this series if we can find the missing books though. If anyone spots a copy of 2 or 4 for sale, let me know right away before it gets sold:
Here's the scans available at the moment:
Taru Yume 01:
Taru Yume 03:
Taru Yume 5:
And here's abgrund's latest work from C79, Eien Extra 01:

Monday, January 10, 2011

WOW!, Dicks Everywhere!

Yup, that's right, more Anal Angel.  This series reads like a pretty hilarious comedy if you slow down and take your hand off your penis (but you don't have to - we decensor it so that you can get maximum fappage out of it).  Stuff like the panel where Kurumi's drooling and talking about Sakura's delicious dick, or the ona-hole clothes-line just crack me up...
Anal Angel ch 1 DDL

Also, we've got another Change H release, this time it's a body transfer one-shot.  I thought it was pretty funny and fairly cute, so hopefully you enjoy it despite body transfer and trap stuff not always being perfect analogue fanbases.
Transfer Students DDL

More Kaichu! and Mei no Naisho within the next day or two, some surprises in store sometime later this month depending on how slow the mail decides to be.  Also, having teeth pulled next week, so there might be a slow period at the beginning of the week depending on how out of it I am and how much stuff we have ready going into it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

WOW!, More Change-H

This is the second series that we're picking up from Change-H (disregarding one-shots, at least), and it's called Hikarism.  The title's sort of a pun off of the main character's name (Hikaru).  We picked it up mostly because I really liked the art style and the character design in it, so I hope you guys enjoy it too.
Hikarism ch 1 DDL

Friday, January 7, 2011

WOW!, It's Syumatsusyorijou!

That's right, it's a doujin from that guy whose name I can never remember (so don't feel bad if the art looks familiar, but that tongue-twister name doesn't ring a bell).  This is our first joint project with a little hentai scanlation group you may have heard of called Little White Butterflies.
Futari Dake no Himitsu Plus DDL

Also, I'd like to congratulate Soba-scans on reaching their one-year anniversary as a scanlation group!  It's pretty cool that they're going stronger than ever after this long!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WOW!, I'm Fucking Double-Posting Today!

Normally I try and wait on stuff so that there's only one post per day, but I don't feel like trying to remember to post this later, and it wasn't done when I made the earlier post.  Maid in Japan chapter  4, our first chapter after taking the series over from Niveus Noctus.  This one is kind of weird, an awful lot of fetishy fanservice going on, and it only increases in the coming chapters.
Maid in Japan ch 4 DDL

Previous Chapters

WOW!, An Oto*Nyan Joint!

Here's the first chapter of a series called 'Otomogokoro no Jiyuugata' from Oto*Nyan, presented to you as a joint release between Hachimitsu Scans and WOW!scans.  This almost finishes off that magazine too, so don't expect too much more random Waai/Oto*Nyan stuff to be coming out...  although there is a thing or two from Change H, and some porn in the works, so we aren't entirely out of surprises yet!
Otomegokoro no Jiyuugata ch 1 DDL

Also, we're kind of looking for more cleaners again, drop by the IRC channel if you're interested in helping us out.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WOW!, Not Much Left From Waai!

Well, after this there's only...  three chapters in total left from Waai, as long as I'm not miscounting somewhere...  First up for tonight, we've got the first chapter of the last series from Waai to be translated, Suzunone (two of the three remaining Waai chapters are from this series).  This one's a joint release with DEB.  We'll be continuing the joint work on this series with DEB and we're going to do a one-shot called Nonono with them as well, so look forward to it.

The other release tonight is something I'm terribly sorry for the delays on...  Reversible! ch 3.  We had someone offer to help us, move back their ETAs, etc, and it just kind of became a mess.  We finally ended up just doing it without their help, so here it is.  Reversible! is now caught up along with all the other Waai series (except Suzunone), so you'll have to wait till the end of February for the new issue to come out with chapter 4.

*Edit - I forgot about something else that I've been working on.  I mentioned uploading some trap doujins in a *sorted by content* format, and I've got the first set up.  Trap with female partner content, it's all translated stuff, broken up into femdom (which includes both humiliation play stuff and physical S&M stuff) and the more vanilla, fluffy stuff.

Monday, January 3, 2011

WOW!, Still Going Strong in 2011!

Alright, four releases tonight...  They're kind of all over the place, too, so I'll just describe them in order.

First is one of the last remaining bits of Waai, a one-shot called 'A Trap Can Also Use a Girl's Weapons."  The age differential in this one makes it feel a little like porn, since the interaction's a bit different from what I've gotten used to seeing in Waai...  Expect the last few things from Waai to trickle in, we've got a joint project sort of thing on some of it, and one last chapter on the back burner.  Oh yeah, and Reversible! ch 3 probably tomorrow night (someone tried to help us, and it didn't work out, causing that one to get gummed up in the works for a while, sorry guys).
A Trap... DDL

Second up, another Oto*Nyan first chapter, this one's called Magic Bloomers.  I'm sure we could have strategically inserted a blank page that said 'The Heart' when the secret of the bloomers was revealed...
Magic Bloomers DDL

Third is another Oto*Nyan first chapter, titled 'Fuwa Kyun.' **Psyche- it's a Waai one-shot.  We got mixed up, so it probably got the wrong description on /tr/**  It's one of those rich person-servant type dynamics that drives the crossdressing....  Somehow this batch of releases just feels a bit different from the usual Waai stuff....
Fuwa Kyun DDL

Finally, Mei no Naisho chapter 6.  I really have fallen in love with working on this series.  Even if the rest of the group quits and my house burns down, expect me to find a way to keep working on this series.
Mei no Naisho ch 6 DDL

Sunday, January 2, 2011

WOW!, More Oto*Nyan Stuff!

Alright, two more Oto*Nyan chapters for you guys...  The first, Karen ni Musashi, is a chapter one of a series that should be continuing in the magazine, and the second, Steam Trap, looks to be one of the only one-shots from the first issue of Oto*Nyan.  Remember, next Oto*Nyan comes out towards the end of this month, so it's not nearly as bad of a wait as the Waai stuff is this time around.

Karen ni Musashi ch 1 DDL:

Steam Trap DDL: