Monday, January 3, 2011

WOW!, Still Going Strong in 2011!

Alright, four releases tonight...  They're kind of all over the place, too, so I'll just describe them in order.

First is one of the last remaining bits of Waai, a one-shot called 'A Trap Can Also Use a Girl's Weapons."  The age differential in this one makes it feel a little like porn, since the interaction's a bit different from what I've gotten used to seeing in Waai...  Expect the last few things from Waai to trickle in, we've got a joint project sort of thing on some of it, and one last chapter on the back burner.  Oh yeah, and Reversible! ch 3 probably tomorrow night (someone tried to help us, and it didn't work out, causing that one to get gummed up in the works for a while, sorry guys).
A Trap... DDL

Second up, another Oto*Nyan first chapter, this one's called Magic Bloomers.  I'm sure we could have strategically inserted a blank page that said 'The Heart' when the secret of the bloomers was revealed...
Magic Bloomers DDL

Third is another Oto*Nyan first chapter, titled 'Fuwa Kyun.' **Psyche- it's a Waai one-shot.  We got mixed up, so it probably got the wrong description on /tr/**  It's one of those rich person-servant type dynamics that drives the crossdressing....  Somehow this batch of releases just feels a bit different from the usual Waai stuff....
Fuwa Kyun DDL

Finally, Mei no Naisho chapter 6.  I really have fallen in love with working on this series.  Even if the rest of the group quits and my house burns down, expect me to find a way to keep working on this series.
Mei no Naisho ch 6 DDL


  1. Man, you guys are on so much fire.

  2. Thank you for all your releases!

  3. I don't know any other group that releases as fast and consistently as you do. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. WOW!, this is so awesome! :D

  5. WOW! me a favor and stop being awesome for a while. xD

    Thanks for the Release!
    Looking forward for more Mei no Naisho man. :D

  6. Love the mei no naisho release, I feel so spoiled everytime i log on and see a new story, thankyou wow

  7. can you make a raw listing of your manga to read the art work

  8. >can you make a raw listing of your manga to read the art work

    Not 100% sure what you mean by that... if you're asking whether we'll make raws for future chapters of our current projects public, the answer's pretty much no. Just because we have someone who specifically buys the raws for us, and it'd be a pretty shitty situation if someone decided to start competing with us with the raws he paid for, it's unlikely we'll make raws of anything we're actively working on public. In cases like Change H though, we'll always share the parts that we aren't going to translate.