Friday, January 14, 2011

WOW!, More Mei!

First up tonight, more Mei no Naisho!  I told you I've been falling in love with this series...  this chapter is just like chapter 5, a really well timed transition from fanservice comedy to a little development and drama and right back again.  Next chapter is the last one in volume two, so you'll get the extra pages and a batch download next time (our first solo volume conclusion, kind of exciting).
Mei no Naisho ch 7 DDL

Alright, there's also some Change H updates...  no translations, but a few raws and stuff.  Change H Green and Purple volume releases, cleaned up by a kind reader of ours, and albedo has uploaded two more raw chapters from Change H Yellow.  Rather than a mess of links, I'll just relink the whole share folder and let you poke around (the new chapters from Yellow are Friends and Ladies Maid).  Whoever asked for raws for Balance Policy and Transfer Students, I've got to dig them out of their respective folders, remind me if it doesn't happen within the next week or so.
Change H Archive Folder


  1. Mei no nasho is the best, how many volumes are there in this series, it is the best

  2. Yeah, this series is really starting to become dull. Too many women I suppose.

  3. I love the cat army that is definatly fan service but good service either way, who wouldnt want a cat girl army lol

  4. thx for the chapter, had the usual insanities, but also was somewhat touching for this chapter