Saturday, January 8, 2011

WOW!, More Change-H

This is the second series that we're picking up from Change-H (disregarding one-shots, at least), and it's called Hikarism.  The title's sort of a pun off of the main character's name (Hikaru).  We picked it up mostly because I really liked the art style and the character design in it, so I hope you guys enjoy it too.
Hikarism ch 1 DDL


  1. I think the download link may be bugged, it gets to about 1mb done then completes half done.
    If anyone else is having this problem please say.

  2. Awesome! I love this mangaka's artstyle too~ :D
    Thanks a lot for the great Change H release!

    btw, will you also be doing the mangaka's other Change H work 'Ruffle Princess?'

  3. I also have the same problem. File never completely downloads. I tried with other mediafire files, and they work fine. I believe the problem might be the server that this file is hosted on. Can you reupload it? Maybe also on dif filesharing site

  4. >I think the download link may be bugged

    I just checked it and it seems to be working...

    >will you also be doing the mangaka's other Change H work 'Ruffle Princess?'

    Maybe. It looks interesting, but I'd really like to track down better raws if we're going to work on it, even though it's only two chapters long.

  5. Mediafire's been giving me trouble all day. Other stuff would get to half or a quarter of a MB and then "complete," while this isn't getting anything down but claiming to be complete. So it's not just you, first Anon.

  6. Alright, here's a second mediafire upload of it you guys can try:

    If the problems persist, I'll figure out an alternative host, but you can also dig around in the megaupload mirror for stuff whenever you have a problem.

  7. New upload works perfectly. The original still gives me problem though(not that it matters now).

    Also, thanks for all your work.

  8. I like the art too.It reminds me of Mizuki Kawashita's work a little.Is there a chapter 2 out yet in jp by any chance?

  9. There is a second chapter raw, it's not really worth leaking though, since we should have the scanlated version out really soon anyway.