Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WOW!, Not Much Left From Waai!

Well, after this there's only...  three chapters in total left from Waai, as long as I'm not miscounting somewhere...  First up for tonight, we've got the first chapter of the last series from Waai to be translated, Suzunone (two of the three remaining Waai chapters are from this series).  This one's a joint release with DEB.  We'll be continuing the joint work on this series with DEB and we're going to do a one-shot called Nonono with them as well, so look forward to it.

The other release tonight is something I'm terribly sorry for the delays on...  Reversible! ch 3.  We had someone offer to help us, move back their ETAs, etc, and it just kind of became a mess.  We finally ended up just doing it without their help, so here it is.  Reversible! is now caught up along with all the other Waai series (except Suzunone), so you'll have to wait till the end of February for the new issue to come out with chapter 4.

*Edit - I forgot about something else that I've been working on.  I mentioned uploading some trap doujins in a *sorted by content* format, and I've got the first set up.  Trap with female partner content, it's all translated stuff, broken up into femdom (which includes both humiliation play stuff and physical S&M stuff) and the more vanilla, fluffy stuff.


  1. Excellent work as usual.

  2. Thanks for the deliciousness.

  3. thanks for translating reversible!

  4. I loved the releases of both these Waai Stories, thankyou for the reversible 3 release, i was confused in the end why did she make the face what was it in reaction to was shopping or something that got lost in translation, didnt understand what the reaction was towards.

  5. Maybe be better name files as "[DEB&WOW!scans]Suzunone_ch1 001" or something like this? And tnx for you work.

  6. >i was confused in the end why did she make the face

    Foreshadowing for something in next chapter. It's more obvious at the very end, but you can see a little of the same look on page 33. We're definitely going to get some backstory, and probably some explanation of the line 'despite how he looks, Tsubaki is probably the maliest of us all' next chapter.

    >Maybe be better to name files as

    You're right, and I probably should have taken the time to do that this time around as well, but I was in kind of a hurry to get the release bundled up and ready, since both chapters were in the final stages at the same time.

  7. Thank you for the folder

    Do you accept suggestions for that doujin folder?

    There's a pretty good one called "The Way of The Beast" IIRC

  8. I love you all so much.

    I just got finished reading another trap piece that showed itself to be translated by WOW, so I come to download it and see more trap chapters done.


  9. >Do you accept suggestions for that doujin folder?

    Of course! Not sure if it'll make it in there super soon though, since I've got a trapXmale folder, and some mixed content to upload still too. That's the second time that's been recommended to me recently though, so I'll definitely check it out.

  10. >You're right, and I probably should
    Feel free to call me other time, i rename it while you upload other stuff.