Saturday, October 30, 2010

WOW!, Yamada's Not at Home, so She Has No Spiffy Pictures~

Anyway, no pics, but I did get the Oto*Nyan disc ripped.  It's a sound-disc, looks like it's a sort of 'how to be a trap' kind of thing.  We won't be subbing it, at least any time soon, so anyone who is inclined can feel free without stepping on our toes.


Friday, October 29, 2010

WOW!, What the Hell is Oto*Nyan!?!

Depending on how much attention you pay to the trap scene, you may have known that it was about time for the new trap quarterly, Oto*Nyan to show up.  My copy showed up yesterday, so I've got all the non-manga content scanned for you guys already (there's quite a bit, an illustration gallery, interviews, reviews, much more than Waai has in terms of non-manga content).  Within the next few days (directly following us finally releasing Kaichu! 3), we'll release a few of the shorter manga stories (there's a couple 4 page stories and a couple 12 page stories) to give you an idea of the content in this magazine before we start working on anything really long out of it, especially since everything looks to be ongoing series, too.  Raws for all the stories we decide we aren't working on will go public pretty quickly, keep an eye out here or at Desuchan, or just ask about them.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WOW!, We've Been Slow This Past Week

Yeah, yeah, I'm aware Kaichu! chapter 3 is behind schedule.  It's at about 25% done on the TL side, and the cleans are already waiting, so it should come out as soon as I scrape together enough time to finish the translation.  Stupid real life getting in the way and such.  Anyway, Prunus Girl chapter 18 is out first, for a variety of reasons.  The first and foremost being that this is our flagship series, and has a lot more readers waiting on releases.  The second is that it's easier to translate, and I knew I could get it done in one night so we'd for sure have a release before my school week starts again tomorrow.  We're starting the depositfiles stuff to hopefully start bringing in some effortless raw money.  If you really hate depositfiles, check the mediafire archive in a week or so, I'll be mirroring everything after the initial wave of downloads passes for each release.  Mangafox shouldn't be getting chapters uploaded until a few days after the release now, since the traffic on that site is so high, I figured it'd probably be good to route it past our adsense shit and through the despositfiles downloads for now and see how things work.  If anyone sees releases posted over there within three days of our release here, let me know please.  Also, we'll have a v2 of Kaichu! chapter 2 along with the chapter 3 release.  I've been bad about getting to that email, so if that individual that sent me the email is reading this, thanks for catching my slip-up, and feel free to do so in the future as well (the late hours I usually translate during aren't too bad, but I may miss a word and screw up based on contextual cues like that again ;;>_>)

Alright, business out of the way, this is a pretty fun chapter.  Some of you might still be disappointed that Aikawa isn't the focus this time around (he's in it, but probably only about half the time, the chapter's about their class president), but I got a kick out of it.

Prunus Girl 18 DDL:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

WOW! Something Unexpected!

I know we're moving a bit slower than you (or we) would probably like, but sometimes personal life, family, and school kind of eat into time that I'd otherwise use for stuff like this.  Anyway, what we've got for today is a special side story chapter for Prunus Girl (it's pretty short).  The next real chapter should come out in the 10/22 issue of Gangan Joker, so hopefully this tides you over till then.  Other releases will come out as they come out, I'm not even sure what kind of schedule to estimate at the moment (it might speed up from the current pace, or slow down, who knows).

Direct Link:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wow! It's a Double Release! (Kind of...)

Alright, as it says up above, we have two releases tonight, but one is pretty short.  The first release is our first Mei no Naisho release, and it's the color extra chapter from the beginning of volume two.  Hopefully this helps get everyone excited about the new project!  I'll get some links for the old scanlations of the first volume up for you guys before we get a real chapter release.
Direct link:

The second release is chapter 40 of Over Drive, and it's the first chapter from volume six.  I just have to say, I felt really bad for Kaho at a few points in this one...
Direct link:

Other than that, Kaichu! is next up (hopefully I'll TL Monday, then we'll get a Tuesdayish release), and make sure to check out the new forums!

Friday, October 8, 2010

WOW! Site Contruction!

Alright, as I'm sure you've noticed, we're tinkering with the layout.  Bear with it, I think it'll lead to a better site overall.  Newswise, I have a few things that are worth mentioning.

The first Hourou Musuko trailer is out:
I like the feel of it, but I do hope they ease up on the shininess of the hair a bit...

Curo-kun subs are out, I'd direct link to the torrent, but the way they put it on the tracker fucks that up, so either find it on (the search term 'maid' seems to work wonderfully) or go dig around on aarinfantasy's site:

Next up, the guy who did some kind of goofy stuff back when we first started with Prunus Girl has turned out to actually be a pretty decent bro, and he's starting his own scanlation group.  His first release is of a Waai comic called 'Past Future.'  Go check it out, make sure you grab it from his projects page though, he neglected to put a link on his release blog post anywhere:

Alright, last on the agenda: WOW!'s schedule and whatnot.  I'm still hoping we can work our way up to two releases per week, but I'm completely out of the picture from Tuesday to Thursday with how busy classes are.  All that really means is that we need to settle into a groove where I'm getting one script done Friday night and one done Monday night, which I think is doable.  The group that was doing Maid in Japan and then stopped for over four months just released chapter 3...  I think we'll go ahead on plan on still doing this series, what we'll probably do is release the newest chapter, regardless of who did the previous chapters - ie, if we did a chapter right now, it'd be the fourth one, if they then did the fifth, we'd skip to the sixth - they have 6 translators and we only have one, I'm not interested in an e-peen contest over the series, but I definitely want it to get completed for the sake of the fans.  I think we'll get something in the 'about us' page about our tentative schedule and such, and keep it updated, so that I don't have to clog the front page with these kinds of updates...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

WOW! Kaichu! Second Shot!

Yup, it's the second chapter of Kaichu!, it's about a day behind when I was thinking we'd get the release out, but it's close enough, right?  It looks like we'll be getting our first batch of raws for Maid in Japan and Mei no Naisho tomorrow afternoon, so look forward to those entering the release rotation in the very near future.  Next up will be another chapter of Over Drive, hopefully by mid-week so we have enough time to cram in a second release of something or other during the weekend.  That's super tentative at this moment though...  I'll throw out the paypal/contact email one more time, I'll find some place for a permanent link later so I don't have to mention it again:

Kaichu! 2: