Thursday, September 30, 2010

WOW! It's News and New Series Info!

All right, there's kind of a lot going on, so I figured I'd throw this up as a news post rather than wait and clutter up the Kaichu! release post later (chapter 2 this weekend, hopefully).

First, there's the run down on what we're going to be working on project-wise:
Prunus Girl
Over Drive
Mei no Naisho
Maid in Japan
Possibly Waai stuff, possibly Oto*Nyan stuff, possibly Change H stuff

Basically, we're going to have raws coming in to cover the entire Maid in Japan series, and some of the raws for the ongoing stuff...  We already have the public raws for the entire Over Drive series too!  The ideal release schedule for my translation pace is two chapters per week, we still lag a bit on the cleaning step though, so if you feel up to pitching in and doing some cleaning, jump in our IRC channel and help us out!

Since I just talked about that, it seems logical to move on to the finances bit next...  As Koizumi pointed out already, we added AdSense shit to the sidebar, and we'll probably start toying around with using depositfiles for some of our uploads, just to cover stuff like magazine subscriptions and takoban raws.  You can also donate via paypal if you're so inclined (someone was asking about it, so I set one up): is the email address it's tied to, so go wild.

Just as an aside, I'm starting classes on Monday, so there might be a bit of a lag in releases while I get my schedule all sorted out, but I doubt it, since the TL phase is typically the fastest step for us.

WOW! We just kicked it into Overdrive!

Hey everybody, so here it is, our next series we picked up, it's Overdrive. This here is Chapter 39 and some extras from the volume release. I wish I could have been here to typeset this one but I was pretty busy so thanks to our pal, You Gon Get Giefed, for covering my ass while I was gone. Well here's the link for you all:

And here is the full volume:

Folder with all the volumes:

Alright, now down to some business, I apologize for not being as eloquent as Yamada is with words so bare with me. Let's see, I put some notes somewhere... what did Yamada want me to say? Oh! Here we go.

So we enabled some ads, we aren't too sure exactly how this shit works so we'll be playing around with it for the next month or two sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Also by the time we release the next Prunus Girl, we might switch to depositfiles. Now this is just to cover the cost of more raws for Prunus Girl, and don't worry in case we do wind up switching we will keep updating the mediafire and our megaupload backup, they will just be behind the depositfiles one by about a week.

Also we have this voting survey thing in the sidebar, we are always willing to listen to our fans' input so please vote, now we aren't going to always have surveys up because we're not fags that always need them up like "IS EYEKAWA HOTLULZ!?! XD" "YES" "YES" "NO I'M A FAGGIT" so what little surveys we have are important and will be considered in our work. We will have more stuff coming as well thanks to NJMANGA (I'm pretty sure that's it) who will be providing raws for us. And because of this we are still actively looking for cleaners!

If you think you have what it takes feel free to contact us, our IRC links are over on the side there so come on in and start shouting at us, one of us is in there all the time so just try to get our attention, if we don't answer immediately I apologize, sometimes I just don't look and Yamada will eventually notice though and tell me.

Yamada will likely clean my shit up, so you'll have to deal with my shit post until he fixes it. Well, until next time!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

WOW! It's the First of Our New Projects!

That's right, we picked up Kaichu!  It's an archery club manga with a trap in it, and it already gives me a little bit of the same vibe as Prunus Girl, so be sure to check it out!  We started from chapter one, I know DEB released the first chapter already, but if you read that one you'll know why we started from the beginning.  Hopefully within the next 4-5 days we'll have another new project getting its first release too...  keep your eyes open for it!  It's kind of an exciting time with WOW! right now, since we've pretty much gotten all our plans sorted out, and we ended up hooking up with a very generous raw provider, so things should start moving a little more quickly around here and there should be lots of good stuff coming out!
Direct links:

Also, as sort of an omake...  We were talking about Type-Moon and their mollusk references, and talked one of our friends into writing something sort of in parody of that.  It's called "Fate Shell Night," and it's kind of an... interesting... way to kill ten or fifteen minutes:
(Any Fate Shell Night fanart would be appreciated, he seemed to be pretty embarrassed about the whole thing...)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

WOW! Comiket stuff is still coming out?

Alright, we've got a scanlation release coming soon, hopefully tonight, but I thought I'd get this upload thread out of the way first so we don't end up with too much clutter in that post.  It's a collection of comiket stuff, some trap related and some Vocaloid.  I'll go with the traps first.

We all know I like abgrund a lot, and these two uploads mean that we've got everything he put out this year, which is pretty nice.  Don't ask about Eien translations at the moment, the guy who did the first book may have already completed the script for part 2, so I'm just going to play 'wait and see' on that.  Also, I'm not really sure what the second one's a parody work of... 
Eien 3:

These uploads, if I'm not mistake, bring us back up to the point where all the c78 Vocaloid is available here.  There's three albums, I think Distorted Princess has been floating around for a while already though.  I think all three are definitely worth a listen, in any case.
[8#Prince] Distorted Princess:
[Sevencolors] Infrared:
[Treow×AVTechNO!] DYE -Synthesis- :

Thursday, September 23, 2010

WOW! Two posts in one day!

"Nice Idea!"

Yes that's right, and post by me no less. Well I just decided to let you guys know, we have an IRC channel now. I think a couple people wanted one so I went and made it. I'll probably make Yamada put permanent links up on here somewhere eventually (since either I can't do it or I'm to dumb to find the place where I can do that), but until then here are the a couple links:

IRC Direct Link
IRC Webchat

Alright, until next time guys.

WOW! What the hell's going on

Alright, so I've been told that some people expect to hear trap news here, and this DDL of the Shounen Maid Curo-kun - Tenshi no Uta OVA *just* appeared, so I figured I should share.  I haven't watched all the way through, but it looks like it meets my fairly high expectations from skimming through it.

Also, for Vocaloid, loli, or shota fans, Yamaha's got something interesting going on, it's a little girl and little boy voicebank that reads what you type in.  Use the box on the right side about halfway down the page.  The top slider is speed, the bottom one is pitch.

Friday, September 17, 2010

WOW, it's Suddenly More Prunus Girl

Alright, I know last time I posted, the next thing up was "Secret Devil-chan," but I also admitted I wasn't having much fun with it and it was progressing rather slowly.  In light of that, when Prunus Girl Chapter 17 raws dropped into my lap, I decided to go ahead and work on this instead for the moment.  (This would have been out three days ago if our cleaner wasn't a bum, too...  if you can clean, and you think you could commit to a better turnaround time than that, feel free to drop us a line)  Anyway, I think I have a torrent in the works for jousou hentai fans...  Also, work on the Waai comics will continue, albiet slowly.

Here's folder links, I think I'll just repost these for now and see if anything happens with reported links:

Friday, September 3, 2010

WOW, it's News and HD Miku

Alright, so the translation on "The Secret Devil-chan" is making me rip my hair out, so I thought I'd take a break and share some miscellaneous news you may have missed.

 First up, there's an animated Poju project in the works.  See the picture above, it's all the info we have at the moment.  The 2010 dates are when that particular promo artwork was put up on Poju's site, and the 2011 with no month or day listed near it is referring to the actual release of the anime.  Like I said, we don't really have details other than that pic yet, but it looks like we've got a trap main character and a male main character (or they're the same person with a wig), Poju's doing character designs (that's all it says he's doing, at least), and Studio Zealot is doing the production (they're a doujin circle, hope for lighter censorship without a sacrifice in quality, that'd be our best case scenario).

Next, you may have heard a bit about the anime: "Mayo elle Otokonoko" announced with the 2nd volume of Waai.  Basically at this point, we've got a confirmed trap character and a "cute boy" character, along with a slew of females.  They haven't announced distro on this (OVA, ONA, TV, etc), but it'd be a fair guess to think that it'll at least start as an OVA being distributed with upcoming issues of Waai.  See the animenewsnetwork link for the cast list so far, the second link is the Japanese site for the show.

Last on the trap front, there's a new trap magazine coming in October.  Oto★Nyan sounds like it'll be more focused on original manga than Waai is (Waai's contents are only half manga, there's a bunch of articles and such), especially if the list of tentative participating mangaka is correct (9 onboard already?).  Not much to say really, other than that I'm looking forward to seeing what Oto★Nyan's got to offer.

Last but certainly not least, as you guessed from the entry title, the Miku "39's Day of Giving" concert BD is out, and a kind anon already ripped it in glorious 720p for your viewing pleasure.  It's a multipart archive, so be sure you have both pieces before trying to extract it.
720p HD Miku Concert: