Thursday, September 30, 2010

WOW! We just kicked it into Overdrive!

Hey everybody, so here it is, our next series we picked up, it's Overdrive. This here is Chapter 39 and some extras from the volume release. I wish I could have been here to typeset this one but I was pretty busy so thanks to our pal, You Gon Get Giefed, for covering my ass while I was gone. Well here's the link for you all:

And here is the full volume:

Folder with all the volumes:

Alright, now down to some business, I apologize for not being as eloquent as Yamada is with words so bare with me. Let's see, I put some notes somewhere... what did Yamada want me to say? Oh! Here we go.

So we enabled some ads, we aren't too sure exactly how this shit works so we'll be playing around with it for the next month or two sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Also by the time we release the next Prunus Girl, we might switch to depositfiles. Now this is just to cover the cost of more raws for Prunus Girl, and don't worry in case we do wind up switching we will keep updating the mediafire and our megaupload backup, they will just be behind the depositfiles one by about a week.

Also we have this voting survey thing in the sidebar, we are always willing to listen to our fans' input so please vote, now we aren't going to always have surveys up because we're not fags that always need them up like "IS EYEKAWA HOTLULZ!?! XD" "YES" "YES" "NO I'M A FAGGIT" so what little surveys we have are important and will be considered in our work. We will have more stuff coming as well thanks to NJMANGA (I'm pretty sure that's it) who will be providing raws for us. And because of this we are still actively looking for cleaners!

If you think you have what it takes feel free to contact us, our IRC links are over on the side there so come on in and start shouting at us, one of us is in there all the time so just try to get our attention, if we don't answer immediately I apologize, sometimes I just don't look and Yamada will eventually notice though and tell me.

Yamada will likely clean my shit up, so you'll have to deal with my shit post until he fixes it. Well, until next time!


  1. Yamada and Koizumi whip me if my ventrilo I host for them goes down so I constantly run on a treadmill to keep my electricity from going out. Appreciate what you get and thank them so they are in a good mood and they just might let me have that bowl of rice that's been sitting on the hook above me.

  2. You guys are good.

  3. Thanks so much guys, wow is the best

  4. Yeah, I think Koizumi said it all, but this chapter was translated four days ago and it waited this long on the cleaning part, so if you think you could maybe clean, hit us up on ric. Also, I think this is my 20th TL, so that's kind of cool.

  5. Gratz on the 20th translation, if this was a wedding anniversary you would be getting a gift of CHINA for hitting you 20th. Gratz

  6. Thanks so much guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOWWW is the bestTTT

  7. Hey you guys released! Congrats!

  8. Thanks for the chapter^^

  9. Just wanted to say thx for the manga been while for this for a while.

  10. wait wat
    Over Drive? I thought it couldn't get better (I mean, there's already the traps), but now there's Over Drive too?! Srsly, guys, thank you.


    In the same month someone starts regularly scanalating One Outs, you guys start with Over Drive.

    Amazing guys, thanks!

  12. I love overdrive the anime, and now thanks to you all I can read what happens after the race!!! thanks very much

  13. Thanks guys!
    Finally get to see what happens after the anime ^^

  14. kyaaaaa overdrive~!
    goodluck~! >.<
    hope it goes well...~!
    love it~! ♥