Thursday, September 30, 2010

WOW! It's News and New Series Info!

All right, there's kind of a lot going on, so I figured I'd throw this up as a news post rather than wait and clutter up the Kaichu! release post later (chapter 2 this weekend, hopefully).

First, there's the run down on what we're going to be working on project-wise:
Prunus Girl
Over Drive
Mei no Naisho
Maid in Japan
Possibly Waai stuff, possibly Oto*Nyan stuff, possibly Change H stuff

Basically, we're going to have raws coming in to cover the entire Maid in Japan series, and some of the raws for the ongoing stuff...  We already have the public raws for the entire Over Drive series too!  The ideal release schedule for my translation pace is two chapters per week, we still lag a bit on the cleaning step though, so if you feel up to pitching in and doing some cleaning, jump in our IRC channel and help us out!

Since I just talked about that, it seems logical to move on to the finances bit next...  As Koizumi pointed out already, we added AdSense shit to the sidebar, and we'll probably start toying around with using depositfiles for some of our uploads, just to cover stuff like magazine subscriptions and takoban raws.  You can also donate via paypal if you're so inclined (someone was asking about it, so I set one up): is the email address it's tied to, so go wild.

Just as an aside, I'm starting classes on Monday, so there might be a bit of a lag in releases while I get my schedule all sorted out, but I doubt it, since the TL phase is typically the fastest step for us.


  1. That is sick, you guys found all those raws to all those series, I'm looking forward to your future releases, that is freaking great!!!!!

  2. Oh shit, I don't know if I can be quick when doing Maid in Japan. I mean if I have little miss Tsuntsun and here huge titties starring at me, oh lord... distractions...

  3. You haaave to do the Waai, Otonyan and Change H stuff!

  4. I am about to eat some waffles, why are you afk on vent? I need to tell you all of my legend.

  5. Will there be any new chapters posted this week on any of the series you have listed

  6. Well, as it says at the beginning of the post, Kaichu! should come out tonight or tomorrow, I'm kind of moving slow on it though due to more text per page than I was expecting. Hopefully Over Drive 40 sometime this week, but that all depends on how much more time this Kaichu! chapter eats up since I've got the whole starting school thing to get under control too. I'd guess next weekend at the latest for more Over Drive.

  7. We appreciate all the hard work as fans, keep the hardwork going guys, we do appreciate it

  8. Whoa... more series? well I'm fine as long as you guys do prunus girl, but these new series looks good to....