Saturday, September 25, 2010

WOW! Comiket stuff is still coming out?

Alright, we've got a scanlation release coming soon, hopefully tonight, but I thought I'd get this upload thread out of the way first so we don't end up with too much clutter in that post.  It's a collection of comiket stuff, some trap related and some Vocaloid.  I'll go with the traps first.

We all know I like abgrund a lot, and these two uploads mean that we've got everything he put out this year, which is pretty nice.  Don't ask about Eien translations at the moment, the guy who did the first book may have already completed the script for part 2, so I'm just going to play 'wait and see' on that.  Also, I'm not really sure what the second one's a parody work of... 
Eien 3:

These uploads, if I'm not mistake, bring us back up to the point where all the c78 Vocaloid is available here.  There's three albums, I think Distorted Princess has been floating around for a while already though.  I think all three are definitely worth a listen, in any case.
[8#Prince] Distorted Princess:
[Sevencolors] Infrared:
[Treow×AVTechNO!] DYE -Synthesis- :

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