Friday, September 3, 2010

WOW, it's News and HD Miku

Alright, so the translation on "The Secret Devil-chan" is making me rip my hair out, so I thought I'd take a break and share some miscellaneous news you may have missed.

 First up, there's an animated Poju project in the works.  See the picture above, it's all the info we have at the moment.  The 2010 dates are when that particular promo artwork was put up on Poju's site, and the 2011 with no month or day listed near it is referring to the actual release of the anime.  Like I said, we don't really have details other than that pic yet, but it looks like we've got a trap main character and a male main character (or they're the same person with a wig), Poju's doing character designs (that's all it says he's doing, at least), and Studio Zealot is doing the production (they're a doujin circle, hope for lighter censorship without a sacrifice in quality, that'd be our best case scenario).

Next, you may have heard a bit about the anime: "Mayo elle Otokonoko" announced with the 2nd volume of Waai.  Basically at this point, we've got a confirmed trap character and a "cute boy" character, along with a slew of females.  They haven't announced distro on this (OVA, ONA, TV, etc), but it'd be a fair guess to think that it'll at least start as an OVA being distributed with upcoming issues of Waai.  See the animenewsnetwork link for the cast list so far, the second link is the Japanese site for the show.

Last on the trap front, there's a new trap magazine coming in October.  Oto★Nyan sounds like it'll be more focused on original manga than Waai is (Waai's contents are only half manga, there's a bunch of articles and such), especially if the list of tentative participating mangaka is correct (9 onboard already?).  Not much to say really, other than that I'm looking forward to seeing what Oto★Nyan's got to offer.

Last but certainly not least, as you guessed from the entry title, the Miku "39's Day of Giving" concert BD is out, and a kind anon already ripped it in glorious 720p for your viewing pleasure.  It's a multipart archive, so be sure you have both pieces before trying to extract it.
720p HD Miku Concert:


  1. Great news updates sounds like a busy anime season, Also got me wondering how that new trap magazine manga will be like, I am just happy more trap manga stories, there are so little out now and the fact there will be more published makes it even better. Hey dont let the secret devil chan stress you out, once you get passed chapter one,you get a smile and be happy because you will be the first one to translate it and further increase the recognition of your group, you guys are the best, the more translations out on manga the more credits to your group, your translations are the best

  2. I've recently heard that Shonen Maid Kuro-Kun is getting an animated adaptation by the same people who did Boku no Pico, might be worth looking in to.

  3. Yeah, the Kuro-kun OVA was announced ages ago, it's just that they've been releasing trailers lately to get people excited since it comes out at the end of the month. I was figuring I might drop some links to the trailers once I have a little more content to fill out a post, and definitely expect some links and impressions on the OVA one raws come out, and possibly again when the subbed version appears.