Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WOW, it's Vocaloid and Download Mirrors

If you were paying attention, you'd know that we've had issues with links getting reported and such.  I'm not 100% sure if it's manual reporting, as popular mediafire links seem to be coming down all over the place lately, so I wouldn't rule out some sort of bot-reporting or manual checks of links with a certain number of hits in a short time period.  Anyway the solution I've come to is just giving the general sharefolder link for WOW!scans in the mediafire, and also setting up a share folder on megaupload.  I'll still put up direct links with new releases, but bookmark these two, because they're where reuploads will show up when links break:

General WOW! housekeeping stuff:
I'd like to sub the Prunus Girl drama CD, but for a variety of reasons it would be a massive pain in the ass compared to working with manga.  If anyone wants to work on it as a joint release, email me and we can talk about exactly which aspects I'd need help with before considering it seriously any time soon.  I'll probably do something for it translation wise anyway, but not till the very very end of my to do list.
We're looking for Mei no Naisho raws.  If anyone has a copy they could scan or somehow ran across raws online (I couldn't find any when I looked ;_;) It's be awesome if you could share.  So far volume one is out by another group (find em on mangahelpers), and it's a really cute story, so I'd like to get the ball rolling on it again.

Yeah, yesterday I said I had something to share, and I do.  It's the four disc compilation album from comiket that you may have seen me mention at some point.  Since it's four discs, and it uses Miku, Rin, Len, and possibly more, and the musical styles change from song to song, AND it's a compilation of works be different artists, I think it has something for everyone.  Definitely check it out.  External link for this one, since tora.to already messes up tags a bit, I don't want to mangle them further and then re upload:

Also, holic is uploading some stuff, I think all the comiket albums are reposts of stuff I've already shared here (with 90% more mangled tags...), but he's sharing some Voc@loid M@ster stuff as well.  Holic does garble his tags and album names pretty badly, but it's still worth sharing his blog link with ya:


  1. Mei no naisho raw scans I found at http://www.psiload.com/mei+no+naisho+v2, hopefully those raws are reliable I am downloading them now to see if they are valid scans but it looks like volume 1 and 2 raws are on that site. I will download and check to see if they are valid

  2. That'd be cool. Definitely let me know if they're legit, the only thing I could scare up was Taruby apparently owns the volume two tank, but I was hesitant to ask him to tear it apart to raw provide when he already contributes so much to the community.