Friday, August 27, 2010

WOW, we're "Energetically" pursuing Waai

Alright, so I know a lot of people are waiting warmly for news of the situation surrounding translation of the Waai manga.  If you were paying attention, you'd probably guessed it was about time for me to get in touch with The Energy Trade about this very concern.  Basically, the plans we've worked out for the moment are for WOW!scans to work on the stories that The Energy Trade isn't working on, and The Energy Trade will continue with Sazanami Cherry, Otokonoko Tokidoki Onnanoko, and Reversible School Life.  They're also pretty near to being ready to release a one-shot that ran in the first issue of Waai.  I also offered to share staff for possible joint releases to hopefully help expedite releases on the series we're leaving in their hands.  Now, I know some of you are probably concerned that you'll be waiting forever for the series we left with The Energy Trade due to the wait you've already endured - if they don't start making releases by the time we've worked our way through the other stories, I'm planning on keeping in touch with them and we'd renegotiate things at that point to make sure you guys get your translations in a reasonable time frame.  Now, I don't like making updates without giving you something to download, so I've uploaded the raw of the first volume of Waai, broken into two parts.  There's the manga, obviously, but Waai actually has a lot more going on in it than the manga.  The other sections include a lot of visual novel game articles and anime articles, and there's some interesting crossdressing related ads and stuff.  This part of the magazine probably won't get translated, so it's safe to grab the raw now and not have to worry about replacing it later.

Articles and extras:

Raw manga:

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