Monday, August 30, 2010

WOW, we're caught up to Japan

Alright, so first things first, we're proud to bring you Prunus Girl chapter 16, the most recent chapter published in Gangan Joker - meaning we're now caught up with the Japanese serialization, and it'll be month waits between chapters again.  I guess that's both a good thing and a bad thing as a fan when you get caught up like that.  Also, since they're advertising the Drama CD so much, you might have gotten interested in it...  I'm seeding the mp3 version on TokyoToshokan right now, or you can snag it from the DDL's below.
Chapter 16 direct link:

Drama CD:
Drama CD liner notes and art scans only:

Other than that, I thought it might be nice to let you guys know I already have some raws in my hands for series in Waai vol 2 that we're for sure taking over, so expect Waai stuff to be next on the (non-hentai) plate.
We may do something else by abgrund before taking the plunge into the Waai projects, it all depends on how we feel over the next day or two.

It's looking like someone's been reporting our links to mediafire or something, since earlier today all three Prunus Girl releases and the Love Pura doujin all got removed at the same time.  They're back up, you can grab them here:
I'm going to get a megaupload set up for WOW!scans as well so that we have some backup mirrors going on, but always let me know when you notice something got taken down so I can reupload it.  Before trying to tell me something's down though, make sure to check that folder share link I just posted, as I'm not going to go through the whole blog and change all the direct links every time something gets replaced.  That was a long blog post, so expect another post tomorrow with the scoop on the megaupload stuff, I have some Vocaloid shares to get up anyway.


  1. thanks for the hard work!

  2. I OLEV you forever for translating Prunus Girl!
    And wow, what kind of assholes would flag Prunus Girl? Heartless bastards!
    Quick question though, since you guys seem to be so into doing trap manga. Would you possibly be interested in doing Mei no Naisho? I think it's pretty short and translations have long since stopped for it.

  3. I'm never averse to taking suggestions for future projects... toss me a few links if you could, since I'm just going to forget to do anything about it if I open a search in a tab for later. If we decided to tackle it, it'd be after all the Waai stuff is handled, but a project we could actually bring to completion would be nice amidst all these long running projects we've got going.

    Thats about all I can help with. I have no idea where to find the raws.

  5. From the Iko-Subs blog:
    "First, chapter 3 is the LAST CHAPTER OF VOLUME 1. Since we only have raws for vol 1, Mei will now be on hiatus until raws are obtained or provided."

    I'm downloading the first volume that they released to see if it's something I'd be interested in, but I'm pretty shit at finding raws, so it may end up being a raw request at the beginning of a post in the near future and hanging that project on whether or not anyone manages to provide.

  6. I have a question I was viewing the raws that your group posted and I was wondering please tell me will you be translating the secret devil girl manga that was In WAAI, I couldnt understand it but based on the pictures it looked funny as hell when he discovered the loli devil girl was a guy, please tell me if your translating it it looked so funnny

  7. Yeah, that's actually looking like it'll be our next release - the cleaner liked it more and started on it already, so I'll be working on it before the other story even though I liked the looks of the whole "mother forcing him to dress in a kimono and serve people at the inn" thing.

  8. I hope your group is given the opportunity to translate most of WAAI stories just because your group seems more on point and your scans come out more on a regular basis than other groups. These WAAI manga stories are great and its a shame that some groups start them and get us hooked on the the stories and than dissapear. I am looking forward to your translations of the kimno boy and the Loli devil one, your group is on point I hope to see your future scans soon

  9. Thank you for the excellent work.
    I eagerly await your scans of WAai!

    Also, I really hope the author (of Prunus Girl) doesn't pull a cop-out and make Kizuna a girl.
    I think it'd be best if left ambiguous.

  10. How about subbing the Drama CD (using still images and subs as video feed)?

  11. Thanks for the translations.
    And the drama cd is the bomb. Listening to it as I type. If you guys ever want to do a translation of it, be sure to hit me up.

  12. Hi. Nice work with this release and catching up to Japan. :)

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