Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time to show some love for the Vocaloid stuff...

Alright, I'll probably do up more detailed reviews on these three re-uploads later (maybe not, we'll see what happens with my other projects to eat my motivation).  All three of them are brand new from comiket 78.  There's a sasakure.UK album, which is wonderful as usual, a P-Rhythmatiq which is also something that you'd expect to be good (and it meets those expectations).  The third one, however, is from Nation-One, someone most Vocaloid fans probably haven't heard of (I know I hadn't, at least).  While the first two are Miku-centric as usual, Nation-One uses some of the other Vocaloids...  that's not what caught my attention though.  The Nation-One album also has a couple of Eurobeat tracks on it, and that's a cheesy genre that's near and dear to my heart.  All three are definitely worth checking out.  I will warn you though, my computer garbled the labels on some of the tracks, since I haven't been able to get language packs working right since my boot drive crashed a while back.  Also, the P-Rhythmatiq album is in ogg vorbis format - I may convert that and offer it in .mp3 as well, but it'd be a direct conversion between the two anyway.  Enough of me talking, here's the folder link for these in case you don't want to dig down to it from the main share folder link:

I'll also point out though, there's a few other fairly recent uploads in the main Vocaloid albums folder that people may or may not have noticed...  The Aku no Musume stage production OST is in there now, and it's a really nice, soothing listen.  The EXIT TUNES album with Ryu remixes is also a recent upload, and it has (imo) the all time best version of PoPiPo on it, along with a lot of other fun stuff.

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