Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prunus Girl Status Update and More c78 Vocaloid

So, since I know a lot of people are waiting (im)patiently for more translations of Prunus Girl, and I promised to keep everyone in the loop so that you don't get worried that things are going to get forgotten again, I figured you could use a rough schedule for the next chapter or two.  Barring any surprises, I'd expect chapter 14 by late Tuesday or sometime Wednesday.  15 will hopefully be done sometime this coming weekend.  After that I'll probably be dying for another few days of rest from translating again, so I won't try to project anything specific for chapter 16.  After that it may be time for another abgrund book (Eien 2, I'm looking at you) for a change of pace.  Also, someone at desuchan's /tr/ bought and uploaded one of abgrund's Taru Yume books, so maybe that'll help tide you all over:

On the Vocaloid front, something just recently got uploaded from c78 that may excite a lot of people...  The picture for this post is the cover from "Centralia," and album full of Rin-rock.  I love Miku, but it sure is nice to get some variety once in a while, and Rin's so suited to rock that you can't help but be happy when an album full of it falls into your lap all of a sudden.  External link for this one, since ALL the tags would be fucked if I tried a reupload for you guys:
There's also a single that's pretty darn good.  It's really trance-y, and has a heavier beat than a lot of the Vocaloid you hear coming out all the time, which is a nice change of pace too.  It's called "Sky Ended" and it's from "Frozen System Records."  Unfortunately it's only one song with 5 different mixes, but I definitely think it's worth the download:


  1. Great news, I feel like such a lucky person to take part of this for free (though I'll buy PG if it's ever released).

    Cheers for you!

  2. Thank you for picking up Prunus Girl!

  3. Thanks for translating Prunus Girl Yamada.

    Please consider translating Gunslinger Girl in the future. The GG fans have been waiting since April for a translation of volume 12. It'd be much appreciated if you could.

    Here's the raw. I hope you consider it. Have a nice day.

  4. OOHH! Thank you for mentioning Rin's album here~~ I wouldn't have known :3

    *trots after link*

    And of course, thank you for the hard work!

  5. Yeah, this blog is traps and Vocaloids (it would be trap Vocaloids instead, but Ritsu doesn't get enough love), so even though it'll probably be heavier on the trap stuff just because there's a little more content to share that isn't already plastered all over elsewhere, keep an eye out because I'll definitely be posting Vocaloid from time to time.

  6. Irony: When the song you like best on a Vocaloid-album is the instrumental.