Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prunus Girl 14

Well, we've finished it at last! (Or already.  The sense of time with these things has gotten a little distorted due to recent events...)
Direct link here:

So, to kind of help sort out what's going on with translations, 14 and 15 are available by some Juhachi guy at Mangatraders.  His translation is worth reading if you're impatient, but it's a speed job, so if you do wind up reading his, snag ours for your archive.  Also, we have an exclusive raw provider (there aren't publicly available raws) for chapter 16, so stuff won't be a clusterfuck anymore.  Our copy of chapter 15 will probably be out tomorrow or sometime Wednesday, I'm planning on having the script ready for Koizumi when he wakes up tomorrow so he can figure out when he's fitting it into his LoL schedule...  That's all I'm going to say to address the Juhachi situation or our current planned schedule for the moment.

Other than that, someone on /a/ asked for some Hideyoshi batch uploads, there's a batch of 7 doujins and a batch of 4 doujins plus a fan art folder.  It's a mix of translated and raw, the translated ones are all properly labeled with their scan group names (none of these were WOW!scans projects):


  1. Yay, thank you very much for the release <3

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Thank you very much!

  4. Here, the missing stuff from what I commented on yesterday's thread:

  5. Thanks so much for scanlating this manga! It's one of my favorites :)

    Btw, please consider creating an IRC room :)

  6. I've made IRC rooms for other projects I've worked on, and the only real issue with that is that I really dislike IRC... It's all just personal dislike for the way it works feature wise, but it does mean that we wind up with an IRC room without any of the staff in it, which kind of defeats the purpose. If we expand at all staff wise so that it'd be more likely that someone would actually hang out in there to talk with you guys though, I'll definitely give that thought a second look. I know we're pretty rare in not having an IRC channel.