Thursday, March 31, 2011

WOW!, Something We Have Very Little to do With!

So, you probably know that we don't work on licensed stuff, but an idler in our IRC channel helps out with a group that's quietly working on the last volume of Yubisaki Milk Tea, which is something I know a lot of people are probably waiting for (since Tokyopoop is taking forever). They release through a forum that requires registration to see the links:

I don't really like that dynamic though, and our idler said it'd probably be fine to just repost the links for y'all:

Here's the older stuff that's already been released by TP:

And here's the new content:

I'll try to keep you guys up to date on their releases, but I might wind up a day or two behind, so it's probably worth it to at least check their forum and yell at me to steal their links when I forget.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WOW!, So Much Stuff All of a Sudden!

Alright, three releases for you tonight (right after that double release, too!).  First up is Reversible! chapter 4.  I'm never in a terribly big rush to push out the Waai stuff even though you guys think you want it right away, because now it'll be 2-3 months for the next chapter :/
Second is the first chapter of NEEDLESS from the gap in scanlation, chapter 29.  this is also the first chapter in volume 5, so there's color pages and a volume cover to go with this one.
Last but not least, the fourth chapter of Balance Policy.  The next volume of Change H has already been announced (they held off on announcing RED until the last minute, then they announce this one pretty early, idk what's up), so hopefully Hikarism returns and we get a new chapter of Balance Policy as well.

Reversible! ch 4 DDL
Balance Policy ch 4 DDL

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WOW!, Dicks and Lesbians!

Double release tonight, Anal Angel was waiting on typesetting for a while, Prunus Girl raws just showed up a couple days ago.  Anyway, Prunus Girl is a pretty good chapter this month, but some of the pages look unfinished, most likely due to the earthquake and all that.  Anal Angel introduces a new character this time, also this time it's more sex and less talk.
Anal Angel ch 4 DDL
Prunus Girl ch 22 DDL

Also, Reversible! should be out in the next day or two.  New Balance Policy soon as well.  Chapter 29 of NEEDLESS is also on the plate.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

WOW!, Caught Up Already!?

Yup, that's right, chapter 89 of NEEDLESS already. Not really sure what the hold up on Anal Angel and Reversible! are, I'll yell at the people responsible. Anyway, this chapter brings up back to being caught up with the current releases in Japan, so we'll do chapter 29 next, working towards filling the translation gap. The pacing on filling that gap is entirely up to js06, the translator we're working with on this project. I'm about halfway through translating the new Prunus Girl chapter, and there's good news and bad news. It's a pretty good chapter so far, but it looks like Tomoki didn't get it finished in time, and there's some pages that are obviously unfinished pages from the name. Not really anything we can do about that, so try to enjoy it despite those issues when we release it.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

WOW!, Rolling Right Along~



So, something slipped past our QC on chapter 87, so here's a v2. Chapter 88 out already, and chapter 89 is on it's way! As far as filling in the gap, we have a script for chapter 29, so I'm guessing js06 is willing to work on fixing that, but I dunno what the release pace will look like. We'll keep right up with whatever he gets translated for us though. In terms of how picking up NEEDLESS affects our other projects: little to no effect. This is one of the many reasons I was excited to pick it up. Since translators is what we're short on and this project came with a translator, it's pretty easy to work in without fucking up our release pacing.

WOW!, That Was Fast!

You may have noticed (probably not) the quiet announcement that we're picking up NEEDLESS.  No one's really sure why Pewpew hasn't been doing much lately, but it's been quite a while and the translator (js06) decided to open up his scripts to whoever wanted them, and we talked to him about us picking up the project with him.  This is the first of three catch-up chapters, chapter 87.  88 and 89 will be out ASAP, and then we'll be on a monthly release schedule with the magazine it runs in.


Also, the projects page actually got updated, I'll be uploading back chapters of stuff soon (Prunus Girl, since someone reminded me, OtoBoku, and probably NEEDLESS as well).  The bots are staying up to date better now as well, packlists available via the tab up top.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WOW!, Mei, News, and Porn!

I guess I'll introduce our two releases, and then talk a little about our projects, what's going on, what the hold up is on some things, and all that.

First up tonight is Mei no Naisho ch 9, another perfect example of everything I love about this series.  It's also got a second trap, another male or two in the story, and some other stuff that might win over some of the folks that complain that they don't like the fact that it's all girls...

Second for tonight is a hentai one shot (it ran in a commercial magazine if I'm not mistaken, so 'doujin' would be an inappropriate label) that I can only really categorize as transformation, even though that's not strictly what happens.  It's gender play, but it's really hard to describe what goes on without just summarizing the whole thing.  This is our second project where Ranma-kun from Farhad's TG forum worked on the script, and the first project we've had kusion from [gg]/UTW do some TLC for us.  Collaborative work is always fun!

Alright, so here's a quick rundown of what's going on by project:

Prunus Girl - next chapter's raws due in soon
Reversible! - next chapter is waiting on typesetting
Mei - we just got the volume 4 raws, it looks like the series ends at the end of that volume, which makes me sad
Kaichu! - the translator we had on this is mia, vote in the poll since I guess I'm going to be working on this
Maid in Japan - same boat as Kaichu!
Anal Angel - next chapter is waiting on typesetting
Balance Policy - in translation
OtoBoku - next chapter is twoish projects down my personal translating queue, so it'll be fairly soon
Near Equal - the translator bailed on us, now this one's one of my personal projects too, chapter three is about halfway done
Imouto wa Shishunki - to be honest, with things getting so hectic, I kind of forgot this joint existed.  I guess I'll get some of this busted out soon too
Houkago Play - dropped.  Woxxy and Foolrulez are picking it up, so bother them about it, not me

As you can see (I skipped over some projects that are irregular releases or whatnot, ask if you're wondering about something that didn't get mentioned), we had two translators flake on us, or at least one flake and the other go incommunicado.  Be patient, I'll do my best personally to keep everything moving along, but definitely keep in mind the fact that we're recruiting...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

WOW!, Waai Joints!

Yup, I'm sure lots of people were waiting on these, so here's the joint releases with Hachimitsu from the recent issue of Waai!. Past Future chapter 3 and Sazanami Cherry chapter 4. Reversible! is on it's way, don't worry.

Past Future ch 3 DDL:
Sazanami Cherry ch 4 DDL:

(excuse the poor link format this time, Blogger's on the rag tonight)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

WOW!, Another One-Shot!?

Alright, I know people are anxiously awaiting releases for specific series, but I promise that this release did not impact the release pacing for any of them.  I'll be sitting down to translate Mei and possibly the next Docchi chapter today, and then Anal Angel in the next few days.  Reversible! is already in TL.  This one-shot is short and sweet, I hope you enjoy it!
Sakura Saku DDL

Monday, March 7, 2011

WOW!, Angels and Angles!

Yeah, the title of this one is Tenshi no Parabola, which didn't translate in a way that didn't sound stupid, but it keeps reminding me of some song lyrics...  Anyway, this is a one-shot from Oto Nyan, and it contains trap content and nothing else, in case having that Change H thing come out started making it harder to assume what the content will be in our releases.
Tenshi no Parabola DDL

Sunday, March 6, 2011

WOW!, Another Release!?

Yeah, we're back on a better release pace, at least for the moment.  This one's a one-shot from the latest Change-H volume, 10 Things I Want to Do While I'm Still a Guy.  It has trapping as well as a bit of transgender at the end, and it's really rather well put together for a short one shot.  This is Caan's second time typesetting, and I think it turned out really nicely on that end as well.  Enjoy!
10 Things DDL

Friday, March 4, 2011

WOW!, An Oto Nyan Joint~

We've got a joint release with Hachimitsu scans for you today, it's the second chapter of Otomegokoro.  Interesting news from Hachimitsu this time around, some other scan group picked up Kuragehime out from under him, skipping a few chapters to pick up where the anime adaptation left off...  this kind of stuff is why our raws are private - I never mind collaborative projects, but just hijacking a series and skipping a few chapters like that is in poor taste all around.  Anyway, Otomegokoro tonight, and hopefully some of the Waai stuff you've all been waiting for soon!
Otomegokoro ch 2 DDL

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WOW!, It's Time for More Waai! Already!!?

Alright, so as the title mentions, the new issue of Waai! is out, and we've got the non-manga portion scanned and ready to share already. Sazanami Cherry and Past Future are scanned and ready for the joint work with Hachimitsu, and Secret Devil-chan is on its way to my scanner to raw provide for Soba. Suzunone is waiting to be scanned as well, DEB is the joint on that one and is progressing at a slower pace than the others, so be patient. Reversible! and Otokonoko Tokidoki Onnanoko are in-house as usual, and will come out sometime soon as well. There's also a new one-shot, we'll see whether that turns out to be in-house or a joint, I'm not really sure yet.
Waai Vol 4 Extras DDL

As the picture with this post indicates, we've got another release for tonight as well. If you were paying attention a month or so ago, I said we'd be finishing up the untranslated chapters of the first Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru manga, and we've got chapter 12 for you tonight. I'll get the first 11 mirrored and up on the projects page in the next few days, but for now get them via mangaupdates or mangatraders if you don't have them yet.
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ch 12 DDL

Note from Koizumi: The release is jpgs this time, don't complain, just deal with it.