Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WOW!, It's Time for More Waai! Already!!?

Alright, so as the title mentions, the new issue of Waai! is out, and we've got the non-manga portion scanned and ready to share already. Sazanami Cherry and Past Future are scanned and ready for the joint work with Hachimitsu, and Secret Devil-chan is on its way to my scanner to raw provide for Soba. Suzunone is waiting to be scanned as well, DEB is the joint on that one and is progressing at a slower pace than the others, so be patient. Reversible! and Otokonoko Tokidoki Onnanoko are in-house as usual, and will come out sometime soon as well. There's also a new one-shot, we'll see whether that turns out to be in-house or a joint, I'm not really sure yet.
Waai Vol 4 Extras DDL

As the picture with this post indicates, we've got another release for tonight as well. If you were paying attention a month or so ago, I said we'd be finishing up the untranslated chapters of the first Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru manga, and we've got chapter 12 for you tonight. I'll get the first 11 mirrored and up on the projects page in the next few days, but for now get them via mangaupdates or mangatraders if you don't have them yet.
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ch 12 DDL

Note from Koizumi: The release is jpgs this time, don't complain, just deal with it.


  1. Fuck yes. Thanks Yamada + friends for all the hard work. Not to mention all the delicious 2d traps.

  2. Thanks as always... is`t DEB also doing brocken blood? (another delicious trap manga)

  3. Yup, that's DEB's other series that they work on.

  4. I am looking forward to the releases, great job wow scans, you guys are on point when it comes to getting first raws for waai and oto nyan, you cant even get those raws online you guys have it almost same days of releases, what you guys got someone parked in japan scanning stuff lol

  5. We have a raw provider, raws actually typically get mailed from Japan to him and then overnighted to us, but I scan within a day or two of arrival, so it winds up being pretty quick still.

  6. omg... I can hardly wait for all the Waai!-series! (especially Sazanami Cherry)