Sunday, April 10, 2011

WOW!, Hamburgers Everywhere!!

So, we've got some Kaichu! and some OtoBoku for you guys tonight. NEEDLESS ch 32 tomorrow.

Kaichu! ch 7 DDL:
OtoBoku ch 13 DDL:

Also, our friends over at Yorozuya Mio-chan have finished another two chapters of Yubisaki for your enjoyment:


  1. Uhhh why does the kaichu download link lead to some weird fudanshim file? At 140+ mb?

  2. Seems like it got fixed...used to be

  3. That feudal warrior in the Kaichu club is the greatest character in any manga, ever.

  4. Im happy to see kaichu again, what volume are you guys up to is this still volume 1 end or start of volume 2.

  5. We've still got a chapter or two left in volume one. We've got four volumes worth of raws though, so hopefully the rearranging of labor we've done gets this project moving quite a bit quicker.