Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!

Happy New Year's everyone!  I'm not sure if I'll be around on New Year's Day, so you get your celebratory gifts today instead!  First up, we've got a chapter from another Oto Nyan series for you, this one's called Ato no Matsuri (a festival themed chapter seems appropriate for NYE, right?).

Ato no Matsuri ch 1 DDL:

Next, some Winter Comiket (C79) coverage...  So far we've only got two trap/TG themed doujins. One's a Milky Holmes parody doujin, I didn't like it terribly much, but it's got plenty of sex so it's possibly worth checking out...  There's also a Kyonko doujin that I didn't care for the art in, but I thought it had a really interesting premise.

C79 Trap/TG doujin folder:

And finally, some non-manga stuff I've been sort of compiling for a while.  I dunno how many of you guys listen to J-Core type stuff, but I've been working on getting discogs put together for some of the artists/circles I like.  The first one up is TANO*C...  All it's missing at the moment is the 'Eternal Nanosecond' solo album that came out at C79 and hasn't been uploaded yet.  That'll go in the folder as soon as it appears.  Coming up next in this musical side project are SharpnelSound and Mob Squad Tokyo stuff.

TANO*C Discog folder:


  1. Happy New years Yamada ande WOWSCANS, Have fun on New years guys, Im heading to a party. Great job on the new years eve releases gave me something to read before i step out for the all nighter.

  2. That was really dirty.
    And strange.

  3. I really liked Ato no Matsuri, it looks interesting.

  4. Happy new year!
    And hot-damn, I think I like Ato no Matsuri. XD

  5. Ato no Matsuri was so good! thanks

  6. I agree the Ato no Matsuri, i didnt expect it to be so good but it was actually interesting im looking forward to the next chapter, i think this is one of my favorite stories pretty interesting to see what happens next

  7. Yeah, I really don't think this will be an ongoing series.
    It really seemed to only have the plot of a typical one-shot or doujin.