Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WOW!, It's Mayo Elle Info At Last!

No, we don't have a date/release mode announcement or anything like that, but we've got the two short chapters of Mayo Elle from volumes 2 and 3 translated at last.  Just a warning, it starts in media res, doesn't explain shit, and possible gives us more questions about what the anime will be about than it answers.  That all said, it's a fun little read, and at least we know two characters that are for sure crossdressing boys...

Mayo Elle ch 1-2 DDL:


  1. Lots of great stuff from you guys lately. Thanks for the release!

    Didn't the Mayo elle anime come out already though? I wonder why raws aren't up yet.

  2. You know, I just kind of assumed the Mayo Elle anime would be an OVA that came with one of the issues of Waai in the future. If it came out already somehow, it's really flown under everyone's radar.

  3. Gha ha ha . . . the seiyuu of this anime . . . WOW! . . . gha ha ha . . .

    there is . . . Kana Hanazawa . . . Mariya Ise . . . Saki Fujita the voice of hatsune miku . . . gha ha ha . . . and the best . . . Yui Sakakibara my favorite eroge seiyuu will there too . . . gha ha ha . . . Ouuuuhhhh Yueeeeeh!

  4. Thanks, though the lack of Mayoelle animu raws disappoints me...

  5. According to ANN and I think the official site the Waai! that came out in November is supposed to have a promo CD for the anime. ANN says it is a series.

    There is a lot of info that could be translated on official site-

  6. Here's what came out in November:

    It's described as a 'promo DVD' and is bundled with some kind of doujinshi magazine material, whether that means the magazine material is canon and simply self-published or anthology format by other artists, it's impossible to tell. They haven't really announced anything other than that promo release (which I doubt we'll purchase, with the exchange rate and shipping, it comes out to an awful lot for something which isn't even a real first episode).