Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WOW!, I Dunno What to Say this Time~

Hokay.  So.  We've got the new Mei no Naisho, and we've also got some Cherry Girls raws...  The Cherry Girls stuff, we scanned the second volume, the first is public raws.  We'll be working on Cherry Girls in the near future, but I thought I'd share some deliciously high res scans with y'all, since the book was so damn pretty.  Mei no Naisho this time around was an amazing chapter, anyone who isn't reading this series yet should catch up just because of this chapter, seriously.

MnN ch 5 DDL:

Cherry Girls:


  1. Only from WOW!Scans, TOO HOT FOR /a/!!!

  2. yamada you were right the chapter was great, Its a difference when its actually translated and its not just me looking at pictures and japanese script. I did not expect so much from one chapter I was in shock. I think this is one of the best chapters I have ever seen, not only we get our funny magic girl, now we got new charactors being family plus it looks like a arc is about the appear. Dude the chapter was great, Im in shock how good it was i actually read it twice

  3. You really continue with the good surprises. This time: the two Cherry Girls-books! And in surprisingly high resolutions at that.

    Most of it are the stories and comics 1-12 of untill now 24 regular sets of stories and comics (not counting several specials) earlier published on http://www.hobby-channel.net/otosuki . The stories and comics untill number 10 are already translated by Suneo and can be found on his site http://yuuwaku.wordpress.com/category/cherry-girls/ . Unfortunately he has not been active since march last year. Which mean you have a potential lot to catch up with of this wonderfull serie.

  4. Yeah, there's quite a bit, and it's still coming out at the pace of two text chapters and two comics a month, so I wouldn't really expect us to 'catch up' terribly quickly, but we are going to start working through it one way or another. This series is too fun to let die like that.

  5. is it just my computer or does the link for volume 1 of Mei in the projects page not work?

    It goes to the mediafire page but then the download won't start.

  6. It seems to work fine on my end, if anyone else has trouble let me know. Otherwise, if it's an isolated issue, dig around in that megaupload backup on the bottom of the projects page.