Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WOW!, Change H Raws Do Exist!

Alright, so being aware that Change H raws get hard to find at times, I did a couple things.  First I organized and reuploaded the first three volumes.  Then, when I scanned our copies of Green and Purple, I separated out the stuff we're going to work on, and uploaded the rest.  Two things to note on the Green and Purple raws.  First, the scans are untouched - they are in the same shape as if I were handing them to our cleaners, no cropping, no resize, no anything.  With all the scanning left to do, it didn't seem like a terribly valuable use of time, since I am absolutely stupid at image editing, even cropping can take me quite a while.  If someone ends up going through and sprucing them up and would be willing to let me swap out the ones in the share folder for something more reader-friendly, let me know.  The second thing is:  By posting these raws like this, I'm kind of hoping some of the stuff we don't end up translating gets picked up by some other group so that you guys get more content in total - However, these raws aren't quite public, if you do use them for a scanlation, please credit NJManga for the raws.

Change H Sharefolder:

Also, Mei no Naisho chapter 5 should be out tomorrow, barring any big incidents.  It's a really good chapter, I'm looking forward to getting it released.


  1. Just to let you know I've nearly finished scanning and releasing Yellow raws.

    Is WOW! planning to scanlate Balance Policy chapters 2 and 3 (from Green and Purple)?

    Anyone who's wanting to do scanlations from Blue or Yellow and wants original high-def scans to work from please contact me via my blog or email me via my gmail account albedo404.

  2. Love these raws, I hope some groups pick this up, they look interesting

  3. Yup, Balance Policy would be on our list. Basically anything missing from the Green and Purple folders is stuff we've earmarked. Not going to give ETAs though, since this and something else that'll be showing up soon are kind of a 'do-it-when-we-can' basis with how full our current queue is.

  4. Thank you so much for the raws!~ :D

  5. Will you be doing Trance-Trance too? It seems to be interesting going by the first two chapters. The author RR is known for his gender switches^^

  6. We'll see about Trance-Trance, Crossdressing Children is also on the 'maybe, if we have room in our schedule' pile. At the moment we've got Balance Policy, a new series that started in Green called Hikarizumu, and a few more one shots that are pretty much for sure that we're going to work on.

  7. Will wait~ XD

    Thanks for the hard work!

  8. Change H - Blue
    Change H - Brown
    Change H - Green
    Change H - Pink
    Change H - Purple
    Change H - Red
    Change H - Yellow
    チェンジH Blue
    チェンジH Brown
    チェンジH Green
    チェンジH Pink
    チェンジH Purple
    チェンジH Red
    チェンジH Yellow
    can you get all of these

  9. Well, you listed the same set of books twice. That first set is the titles of the volumes in English characters, and the second set is the exact same thing in katakana. Change H Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Purple are all in the folders I linked already. Red comes out in about three weeks, and yes we have an order in for it. Brown... I don't know if that's the title color for the one due out in April/May, or just some made up one you stumbled across, but no, I can't get something for you that doesn't exist (yet).

  10. ok i got it here


  11. Ah. Mangaupdates is kind of sketchy when it comes to anthology stuff. It's a great site, but that's the one area I wouldn't really trust their info on... Like I said, if they somehow got an inside scoop and Brown is a planned volume color, it wouldn't be until April-ish anyway. What we've shared as raws is complete other than the couple of stories that we're still working on scanlating for you guys.

  12. Shonengahosha who publish the Change H! series has a website at:


    There's still no confirmation there that Red is going to be released on 28th January. Their last Twitter update was 21st December.

  13. Stores are taking pre-orders for it (physical stores in Japan, not just Amazon.co.jp), so I'm thinking that it's reasonable to expect it out on that date. If it's later than that, we'll have new Oto Nyan raws to work with anyway, so it won't be a silent wait for raws or anything.

  14. Can you upload raw files of 'transfer student' and 'balance policy'??