Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WOW!, Where the Hell is WOW!?

We aren't closing down...  We are going to head into recruitment, since apparently Yamada being busy cripples everything.  Here's what we're recruiting for:

You know, I'm much more concerned about your ability to meet deadlines than your technical skill for cleaner applicants.  We have two chapters that are more than two weeks overdue right now, and that just isn't cool.

Basically, distro people just have to be around when the chapters get finished and handle getting them listed on mangaupdates, dump them on the various sites we like informing of releases, and stuff like that.

Don't bullshit us on this one.  Either you're good enough to translate manga, or you aren't.  Some of our series do have furigana though, so if you think you're borderline, we can try starting you on those series.

At the moment, I end up being our only translator, our raw scanner, our distro, and our administrator.  Basically, next week we're going to have meetings to try and spread this stuff around a bit more so that me being busy doesn't necessarily mean no releases for you guys (particularly, we've got an administrator/coordinator to try and enforce deadlines when I'm not around).  Anyway, please feel free to apply, - don't expect to start straight into anything until after we have the meeting next week and get everything back on its rails though.  Sorry it's been so long guys.


  1. Its good to hear you guys are still going strong, I got worried for a bit that my favorite group of peeps vanished for the holidays, its good seeing you guys are still going strong

  2. Seconding NJManga, I am pleased to see you guys are still in action. No rush on our joint releases, by the way, just glad to see that it's still on the table.

  3. Yeah, I agree with both NJManga and Juhachi! =]

  4. I bet it's that Koizumi guy's fault, god I hate that jerk.

  5. I am sure Yamada just got trip giefed.

  6. what exactly does a cleaner do?

  7. It varies slightly from group to group, but with WOW!, a cleaner does the leveling, cropping, removes all the japanese text, does whatever redraws they can.

  8. A cleaner is a person who will surpass god! If you can do that, then you can clean manga.

  9. Hmmm I think I could be a Distro, especially around this time of year where I am off college, I've also been curious about cleaning but never even attempted it, so I'll try and teach myself how to before offering any services lol.

    So I can't clean (yet) but I can be a Distro if you want


  10. I can do some clean, is there a Way of showing/contacting you Mr Admin `?