Thursday, December 30, 2010

WOW!, Arrows and Stuff!

That's right, it's Kaichu! chapter 5!  Not terribly much to report on, Oto Nyan stuff is progressing towards release, Mei no Naisho coming soon...  I'll also promise Reversible! ch 3 by next Friday, if Huffman Island blows his latest ETA (NYE), I'll just go ahead and do it myself and cut him out of the process.

Kaichu! ch 5 DDL:


  1. Thanks for the scanlation!
    This was a hilarious chapter, despite the lack of Gon.

  2. Quote of the Day: The development of Tachikawa's Harem also worries me!!!!! He is attracting the best of the best of what i dont know anymore

  3. Not enough Gon, damnit. Still good though.
    Thanks again, WOW.

  4. To Everyone at WOWSCANS, this message to all the great guys who bring your favorite mangas to you, Happy New years to all of you. To all the fans of WOWSCANS please continue suppporting this great group of people the new year is coming and I will be bringing all of you new raws in the year to come and WOWSCANS will be there to bring them to life for you guys. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE, LETS AL HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAT

  5. I'm late but HAPPY NEW YEAR, and thanks the release!